Bitcoin - Shining lighty

Bitcoin - Shining Light

By cryptonor | cryptonor | 14 Dec 2022

The future of Bitcoin
- Bright and clear -

Bitcoin skyline

The future of Bitcoin is bright and clear
A beacon of hope in a world so drear
A currency that knows no bounds
A way to transact without making a sound

No banks or governments to hold it down
A decentralized system that can't be found
By those who seek to control and rule
A true democracy, a level playing field

Bright future

The future of Bitcoin is bright, indeed
A shining star that will plant the seed
Of freedom and equality for all
A financial system that can't be bought or sold

So let us embrace this shining light
And let it guide us through the night
Towards a future that is fair and just
A world where Bitcoin thrives and trusts.

Bitcoin future

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