The Trees Living On Cardano: A Unique cNFT Project

By kukukecu | CryptoNooz | 26 Aug 2021

[9/9/21 Update: CardanoTrees has become quite the phenomenon! Its success exceeded my expectations in ways I never thought possible. Input Output gave the Trees a shoutout on their Twitter. Then it was announced that the tree donations will be featured at Cardano Summit. CardanoTrees also collaborated with another great cNFT, ClayMates. And just today, Damian the dev plans to commemorate Sept. 12 with 30 Limited Collection Alonzo CardanoTrees! 2 of them will be given to Tree holders in the discord community while 28 of them will be auctioned off.

I wrote this article in a rush of excitement so a few details were omitted. I've added them in in italics.

I cannot wait for Sept. 12 to come! #WeLikeTheTrees!]

Since my last article on NFTs, I've found some success flipping them for profit. This has led to some play money which I've used to buy more NFTs, specifically on the Cardano ecosystem. 

The NFTs I buy fall into 3 categories:

  • Projects with promising use cases when Smart Contracts arrive on Sept. 12
  • Art that I like looking at, and
  • Profitable flipping opportunities

But a few days ago, I came upon a project that's unlike any other: CardanoTrees.


Click on the link above to see it in motion. This is CardanoTrees0860, a Rare tree 'living' on the Cardano blockchain that's 'located' in Russia. 

For you to understand why these trees are so special, let me try to explain about how cNFTs work. I'm no expert so I'll give you the simplest explanation possible without fucking up.


NFTs pre-Smart Contracts

As you may know, Cardano has no smart contracts, at least not until Sept 12. So in the meantime, the community has come up with ingenious ways to release their NFTs. When we talk about cNFT, we are actually talking about a token with some metadata on it. This metadata points to an IPFS image.

The first cNFT to actually be on the blockchain was unsigned_algorithms



Here's what the creators have to say about it: 

"What unsigned_algorithms is doing is actually minting code which generates art onto the blockchain. Art should have some tension with its medium/format - for blockchain art to be taken seriously it needs to interrogate its host, I hope this collection contributes to that conversation."

So unsigs are code on the blockchain that generate art. And while that is a unique and innovative idea in itself, I didn't really see the visual appeal of it. Plus, I was priced out from having one because it's the second most successful NFT on Cardano, with a floor price of 489-500ADA. Which brings me to the past few days. I was browsing through Discord servers when I found out about CardanoTrees.

CardanoTrees are described as "the first full on-chain trees living and growing in Cardano Blockchain!! They are not static images, gifs, or videos... they are trees growing on the fly based on time!! They grow, give flowers or fruits, shrink in some season, and grow again!! Never are [they] the same and they live forever!! They experience different weather conditions [..] Using generative art techniques, the whole tree that evolve and live forever are generated with only 4KB code. Due to the small size code, it is possible to mint it fully onchain!!".(emphasis mine)

Intrigued, I clicked on the time lapse demonstration:

It looked pretty cool and I immediately wanted one. So I waited. Waited till 25/8 Wed, 3am in the morning, my time. The official launch was chaotic but I got 2 trees, a Rare and a Common. I could've gotten more but I didn't want to spend more than my play money. Looking back, I kind of regretted that decision because 2,000 of them were sold in two hours. Within 24 hours, 6,000 of them were minted! [update: the whole collection of 10,000 trees sold out in just 40 hours]


What Makes Them Cool

Let me share the metadata for #860:



This tree is 'located' in Russia. If you input the coordinates into Google Maps, it'll point you to Anabarsky District, Sakha Republic, Russia.

The day/night cycle of this NFT follows the day/night cycle there. The sunrise and sunset will be according to the location. Currently, while writing this article, it's 8am there according to Google and my digital tree is also enjoying the sun. You can also see that it'll flower between March and June, something I'm eagerly waiting for. My Common tree(#5001) is in Australia. It does not have flowers, fruits, nor snowy weather. Less attributes but still cool to look at.

And because they're onchain, they can never go offline. IFPS servers may have their issues, but you can always have a look at these trees.

The CardanoTrees project will also plant a real tree for every NFT that's minted. The dev will donate to and document each donation. So once this series of CardanoTrees is sold out, there will be 10,000 new trees planted out there in the world. [update: Damian intends to donate to a few organizations. Thanks to recent developments, there will be more than 10,000 trees planted. News on the donations will be shared at Cardano Summit] 


Standout NFTs Fetch Standout Prices

24 hours in and you can already see some eye-popping prices on the secondary market.

CardanoTrees0491 sold for 500ADA. It has both flowers and fruits:



CardanoTrees0056 sold for 950ADA and it's a beauty.


CardanoTrees0186 sold for 1000ADA:



If you had minted them when they first came out, you would've gotten 2 trees for 40ADA. That's 20ADA each. Assuming the seller of #186 bought it at this price, he literally 50X his money in just one day!

Now, it's still early so I think the price can only go up from here. The market is still deciding on their worth. If you look them up at, sellers are asking for 2500ADA for their SuperRares. I think that's fair since NFTs like this are doing things differently than the typical jpeg file, but I could be wrong.

6,791 have been minted so far and they're going fast. Once all 10,000 trees are sold, I expect even the Common ones will fetch a good price. The floor price of unsig is 500ADA, so I think this project will be in the same ballpark. Of course, I could be wrong. I am still new to the NFT space after all. This is all speculation and hopium on my part.

[Update on price: The floor for a common tree is now 258 ADA. CardanoTree0022, an Epic Rare in Algeria established a new ceiling at 15,000ADA on 7/9/2021]

As for me, I will be holding my trees for a few months. I want to see the flowers bloom in March. 



cNFT Marketplace: (click on a tree, then the red symbol to see what it really looks like)



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