The Best Shared Masternode Service - How i earned 400$ in 6 days

By CN00b | CryptoNoob | 12 Jun 2019

Hi everyone,

In this article i talk a little about  proof of stake concept and shared  masternode services, from my own experience with 4 Shared Masternode Services and how i managed to earn 400 $ in just 6 days in 1 pool. The rest were the training :P

Number 4. First time, i started with . The most interesting feature is the Staking Stats tab, where you can see Global and Personal stats, but not detailed.


I invested about 30$ in random coins, to see how it's going. For 1 month, i earned about 3-4 cents  per day.. doing nothing, but still that seemed to be less for me.

Another great feature of the site, is the fact that they have Faucets, when you can  claim from dozens of coins once / 30 minutes.

If you build some reputation, you can take loans for personal interest or to invest. AND, they have an integrated EXCHANGE.

I'm not using this anymore, but i still have some coins there.

I recommend you to read the FAQ section before investing.

ADVICE: Always go to their Discord channel, because all news and tech details are posted there and you directly talk to  dev team, instead of waiting after a ticket. If they don't have Discor or Telegram, don't invest.

Mandatory: Set your 2FA after registering and get verified.

If you want to support my work and buy me  a candy, you can register with my ref link:


Number 3. After BtcPop, i discovered . Wow, i was so impreseed by the interface, comparative to btcpop. Like, 100 years ahead jump :))

I registered, activated 2FA, get verified and started to invest.


Sorry, i tried to expose pool features, but is in infinite loading.

When you wanna invest  in a POS coin, and are your best friends, AND always go to coin ANN to see more details, team, whitepaper, etc.

So, first time i invested in ESBC - very profitable at that time, in SCC ( their own coin - this was from curiosity, bc there was an info posted that you can pay some fees with their coin. I was earning about 40-70 cents per day. All good, until some day, i tried hours to login and i got only 5XX erorrs or invalid username. WTF?? Panic.. i went to their Discord chat and i sawe that there were a lot of users with the same problem.

"Sorry, we have a server problem, we will fix it" i heard this phrase aboutt 4-5 weeks + "we arre migrating the servers,"every damn week, same tape played. Until one day, when aftter an " unexpected server migration" and 2 days without to posibility to access account, they f***ed the pool: a lot of users with missing coins, a lot of errors at withdraw. That was the time when i decided to move on, and i have wd all, except Vitae, that took 40 days to gett them in my wallet.

At the time of this writting, i loged in to make a screenshot and i received "error 524" =)))) they have migrated the servers very well, in a few months. Took me 30 minutes to take the screenshot, as there is an infinite loading.


The good part, is that they have faucets: only 4 are working from 7 :P Someday, i watched the live stats and i saw about 25000 users, but i doubt about that. Lately, on all crypto sites where i surfed, a lot of ads with stakecube. My main POS pool does not have ads or at least, i haven't seen any.

Even you pay me, i won't invest here anymore. BTCPOP is better. Why would i invest in a service that fails  to work?

Number 2. So, i started the research for a new POS Pool. And i discovered Simple Pool . A very nice pool, intuitive interface, no server or connection errors.


Photo with portofolio of  invested coins after a time.

So, i registered, get verified, activated 2FA (mandatory). They have a lot of coins and you can see at 98% of them, the roi and earnings per coin in the masternode page.

So, i started to invest in ESBC , PRJ, MMO, GPKR, ALCUP (lately become scam), etc.

All good, i've earned 70$ + in less than 1 month, only just buying masternode slots and reinvest, and in invested about 20-30$ here. 40$ + profit.

They also have a great Discord community and a blog, they post intersting things and the devs are super ok, they answer any question and fix issues fast.

What i didn't like at this pool?  The withdrawls are manually. For security, it's a good choice. But for an investor, is a "pain in the a**". Why? The are different time zones. If your coin booms, i might wanna withdraw some of. So you request an wd. And this will stay in pending until they confirm it. If is a time when the admins are sleeping, you may forgot about that option, because there also is a confirmation time of the coin in blockchain.


So, the pool is very stable, there are a lot of coins, but there are the same coins all the time, rarely new ones are added. If go to look on, you'll see that there are a lot of more profitable coins and you are asking yourself: why wouldn't try my luck to invest in this one, and in that one?

I still have some coins there and some rented masternode slots, let's say it's a backup pool. I didn't give up but i'm not investing, at least for the moment.

 Number 1. So, i was looking for "adventure", to invest in other new and profitable coins, even coins with 1000+ ROI. Yes, that's a risk. But if you don't invest, you'll never find  out if you'll win or lose.

And yes, i discovered an interesting pool, CryptoHashTank .Seems not too old, 2000+ members and with a lot of ineteresting coins, and the most intersting fact, is that they add all the time new coins. Some's are becoming scams, some's resists. This is your duty and your risk, to research and to take decisions before investing. It's like: "i listed this coin, all your actions are on your own risks!". Seems fair enough.

So, i exchanged all my coins in btc, do a little research on the pool to see how are the coins, read ann's, github codes, joined Discord page and started to invest. Actually, is the first pool( known by me) where you register and login with your Discord account. :)


The great feature of this Pool, is that they have their own coin and you can pay the masternodes fees with the CHT staking fees. And that's great, the comission for masternodes is 4% and sometimes more, if the mn is not profitable anymore.

So, i invested about 40$ in CHT, SPDR ( also mined it a little, because is POS/POW), NMN.

Just after 3-4 days, the prices start to grow fast. I was WOW! And suddenly, SPDR peince felt.. i was so upset and noob, that i sold  the coins ( big mistake, because the price recovered and all my SPDR portofolio valued 1000$ :))) )


When i saw i reached 400$ in my balance just after 6 days i invested 40$, i was so amazed! and withdrawed 80% of coins. Of course i had to wait annoying confirmations, meanwhile the prices fall a  few procents, but in the next day i bought a new Ryzen PC(without gpu) :D

I did not earned 1000$, but i earned 10 times more than i invested. And that's awesome, i'm not so sorry for my decission.

Why is this an awesome pool? Because they add a lot of coins so fast, and recently,  they incorporated an internal exchange, where you can buy coins, and so, you can avoid the infinite waiting time and dozens of fees. For somebody who trade a lot, this is a GOLD feature. The high ROI coins are very profitable, but you must know when to stop!!

The withdraw time is decent, quite fast i can say, and you can see it in real time.

There are rumors and haters, of course, like in any area. This pool was hacked a few months ago. So what? Even Coinbase and Cryptopia  were hacked. The pool is more powerful now, they learned from mistakes and the community is growing fast. Actuallly, is the most realiable pool, because you can see in real time your earnings, fees ( decent).

I wasn't paid to say this, it's just my opinion and i'm very happy that i discovered this pool.

I still have coins, i daily research and test other coins; actually CHT and NMN reached the steps from WP where the collateral  is increasing and the reward is halving. NMN had a huge reward, ppl hurried to sell fast and the price felt. Now, the reward is 10 times smaller, i think it will  recover in time.


As an advice, always do your homeworks before investing, research and get rich! Or, die trying! :)

All content and work in 100% mine.





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