Cool Timekiller Crypto Farm Simulator Game
Cool Timekiller Crypto Farm Simulator Game

By CN00b | CryptoNoob | 2 Oct 2019

Hi people,

Yesterday as i was looking on Appstore (migrated recently on ios) for games to kill my free time ( at work), and i discovered a funny one: Bitcoin Billionaire.


The game is similar to Crypto Idle Miner, a Bitcoin farm game simulator, released long time before the mentioned one.

This one, it's a simulator, you do not earn real crypto but is way fun and become addictive realy fast.

The game is very intuitive, no need for a tutorial, but hints are  available in game. The graphic style is like old Commodore game, pixelated. It's like Febbit  style. I assume that's available on Android, too.


I like a lot that ads are optional, you can watch them only for some boosts.

You may tap a lot, airdrops all the time, you upgrade, invest, you can buy things with real money.

I like a lot a dashboard menu, where the real time clock and the value % of battery are visible, and how much time you played.  No need to exit game all the time to check how much battery you have left.

You earn even idle cash, play casino, buy tickets, upgrade miner, invest to avoid tapping, unlock items and decorate it, buy a dog :P

Thanks for the short read. Have fun with getting rich, if you intend to play it.


1. screenshots are from the game, taken on my device.

2. You DO NOT earn real crypto, it's just for fun.







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