Best CPU coin & pools to mine it ( at this time) - PC/Android

By CN00b | CryptoNoob | 7 Oct 2019

Hi people,

In this post i want to talk a little about the best CPU coin  i consider that worth the idle time of your PC.

Why CPU? because no ASIC's and no GPU's, and there is are chances to earn some coins with my PC while i', working, without using too many resources, electricity.

So, i started using my dusty laptop, my home pc and work pc. I noticed that this miner works better in Intel cpu's, higher hashrate. I will actually forget about them for a month. :P

Note: i'm not related to this coin or any mining pool mentioned.

There are many CPU coins out there too mine, but i consider this one better than all( better that WEBCHAIN), becasue still low diff and the global hashrate is only 2.6 MHs.

The coin is called CPU Chain, it uses a new algo, called CpuPower.

Ticker: CPU

More details on their Official Site



The coin  is listed on several exchanges.



The mining pools:

There are more mining pools for this coin, but i choose ( used before and use now) only two of them.

On  first place with the highest hashrate is a pool from ASIA, i don't use it: big hashrate = low earnings.

On my first place is RPLANT

This one has low fees ( 1%), min withdraw 1 coin, decent vardiff ( 0.2) and also, it has a lot of cpu coins to mine.

The miner and wallet for all coins can be downloaded from "Getting Started" section in pool.




On the second place,is CPU-POOL

This is actual the pool i'm using right now, because the hashrate is more decent than Asia pool and Rplant. Started on this pool 8 hours ago, earned about 10 coins. Payout at this pool is at 1,5 coins.


This pool has less cpu coins to mine, but at this moment, the hashrate is perfect.

On the official site, there is an Android miner available for download.

Thanks for taking a look and have fun!







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