Are you brave enough?

By CN00b | CryptoNoob | 25 Sep 2019

Hi people,

In a sunny day in October 2017, a group of friends decided to make an unmarked trail in Bucegi mountains, Romania: Malinului Valley.

We were 7 in plan, but a few days before the weather went tricky and the future sounded like rain and snow for the x day = flood danger. So many of them quit and only 2 of us left, decided to go.

Unmarked trails are hard and dangerous, because you don't have GSM signal, you can get lost easy, are hard to climb and the rescuers will face great diffculty to save you, if you get injured. This is not for beginners!!! Do not engage in trails alone, always with an experienced climber ( for your all safety)!!



So we started our journey, sunny outside, climbed the main obstacle. Practically, the trail starts  from this point.

And here's me, pulling the ropes :))

 We continued our journey guided by GPS ( Locus Map app) and the smog started to show up.


Here is my friend, opening the route. The whole trail was just like this with all kinds of rocks, rain, but with more smog in the last 4 hours.


On unmarked trails, helmet is mandatory, because rock falls all the time. An it'll take looooong time to wait for somebody to save you.

The trail last 10 hours with a single 10 minutes break, end point at Omu Chalete, 2507m altitude.




  An ambitious edelweiss


When i reached at Omu, it started to snow. The morning was very rewarding with great landscape and a hot coffee.


The view from Omu


Omu Challette in smog ( the first one was built in 1888)



The green one is our trail. The  blue one, is from my vacation, i spent 6 days in Bucegi mountains, hiked over 100km's :D 

The rest, are other adventures :P



Are you brave enough?

All content is created 100% by me. The Youtube channel is mine, you can find  there more adventures.


If you want to do this trail, this is a guide how to reach it:

The access is made from Poiana Costilei climbing the Valcelul Poienitei, after which it descends through the Great Horn from La Scara into the valley. A more convenient access is through Teodoru Valcelul (Hidden Valcelul), to the north of Poienitei Valcel, from which a rocky ridge separates it; the entrance to the valcel is made from Poiana Vaii Cerbului. Direct valley access from Poiana Valley Valley is difficult. During the valley, the first jump is the most difficult. In the ascent, two valleys emerge on the left: the Coltili and the Horn, which go up in the Ridge Ridge, the ridge separating the Malin Valley from the Galbenelelor Valley. The third tributary, the Scorusilor Valley, exits the Plateau after it crosses the Branta Mare coast. On the right, through Poiana Malinului, on a ledge is connected with Valea Verde and Valea Seaca a Costilei and above a branch ascends in Creasta Malinului.









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