Android timekilling app that can bring you Bitcoin

By CN00b | CryptoNoob | 5 May 2021

Hello people,

In this article i wanna share you a little mobile app, with which can you earn Bitcoin ( subunits, sats). Download link is posted on the page bottom.

There are no refferal links, only fun and nervs! :))

The game is simple, you have a bouncing ball and you must jump from tile to tile, and make points or collect tickets.

The main objective is to collect tickets, because with them you are earning money. Everyday, at 24 hrs there's a ticket draw, with n prizes, as it follows:


You have 2 chances: if you fall, you can watch an ad and continue from where you left of. If you fall again, you can watch another ad to get the tickets. Or you can skip and try again, without ads.

I never collected more than 1000 tickets, i hadn't enough time and patience to earn them.

The game is quite addictive, fun and annoying in the same time :)) There are also Boosts, Wormholes, Shields..

To collect the rewards, they recommend a wallet, called Wallet of Satoshi. For the moment, i use that. I don't think  that's mandatory. All Lighting Network wallets are supported, to instant claim the rewards:

I earned sats daily. For the time wasted with this game, i'm satisfied..

Surprinsingly, here are over 1500 players playing this game :))



What can i say?

Have fun and don't destroy your phone. Keep calm and earn $$!

You can also share your game experience, if you play this game.


Download link




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