39$ Cobo Tablet won in Crypto Trading Simulator contest
Cobo Tablet

39$ Cobo Tablet won in Crypto Trading Simulator contest

By CN00b | CryptoNoob | 19 May 2020

HI people,

In this article i'll share you a nice experience and talk about an educative and fun site.

One day, i was at work and just remembered about a site, where you can learn to trade cryptocurrencies and where you can earn real prizes. I am member on that site by about 1 year, but had a long time pause.

So, i looked for my credentials, signed in succesfully and admired the new changes - very different comparative to last login: Rewards, Loyalty points, etc.

I took a small brief abot the changes and looked at the available contests.


Note: this site is about trading,for beginners and experienced users, too. You get a virtual sum of money and you can buy what coin and quantity you wish. The prices are real, they are using different exchanges.

The best gets the big fish,

There are contests all the time, where you can join for free or join with ACF points, a kind of local token.

The site has a Premium version too, you have some benefits.


There are many contests sponsored by different sites or coins, and there you have the chance to win real money, real prizes, just like i did a few days ago. Or contests with Loyalty points, which you can exchange them in ACF points and other goodies. You can find the entire info on FAQ section, on site.

So, i found 2 contests, one with real prizes and one with Loyaty points ( this one is still active and i'm on 3rd place :P ). I joined them both.

I bought the coins i considered, and the second day, surprise! +30 % my coin increased in price, lol. Instant sold. The contest had 1 week estimated time, i joined in the last 2 days. I actually forgot about it, due to work, and i found a mail, where i received congrats for being a winner.

I won a Cobo Tablet, stainless steel and fireproof, just good enough to store my seed. :D


So, depends on luck, too, i suppose :P

Site name: https://altcoinfantasy.com

If you wanna support my work, this is a ref link: shorturl.at/fluR0

By refferals, you are not winning money, only ACF points to join contests.

Shortened, due to security reasons.

Thanks for reading my article and, Happy Trading!




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