Daily crypto with Publishox Blogging
Daily crypto with Publishox Blogging

By Shehara | Cryptonology | 17 Feb 2020

Nowadays crypto is much popular where more articles have a special place for it. More people have employed different methods to employ earn crypto assets but time is so crucial to receive the crypto assets. Hence, it is really hard to find a better way to earn crypto assets. However, now blogging makes a real difference after introducing popular blogging like "Publishox".

What is Publishox?

It is a purely blogging platform where many articles are published daily basis on different assets such as EOS, Cardano, ETH, BTC, BAT and BTC Cash. You can earn BAT, DAI and HYDRO tokens by your simple tipping on the articles. These tokens are the current prices of these tokens in the COingeko market.

This is an article from one of the top bloggers. You can tip simply by clicking the "Tip" button. There is a meter which can be adjusted to tip depending on your desire. You can set the meter so that your tip would have more rewards on it. While you are tipping, you have a chance to comment on your thoughts under the comments column. Depending on positive thoughts, you can gain followers and increase your follower base as well.


Blogging and Gain

As you can see below, these the articles published by several authors. Those articles are on the popular column according to the rewards they gained. All the dollar value is derived from the values of BAT, DAI and Hydro tokens. In my experience, this is a very good platform for anybody who has writing skills with innovative ideas. My advice is for authors to publish your content with an innovative idea. That's how you can gain more rewards with more followers as well. It is always better to try something different but not ordinary topics.



After making a publishox account, it is a must to add ETH wallet in order to receive your rewards. Any time if you want, you can withdraw your assets to the ETH wallet which is a huge benefit of this platform. For each withdrawal, there is a minimum limit that you have to have in your each token amounts to withdraw your assets. This is the step to add your ETH wallet in order to receive payments.


Go to Dashboard - settings -  Wallets

This is my payment proof attached below. It is a good investment you ever make in Publishox while reading about crypto assets and earning with publishing your own as well. Happy blogging and earning!   


Hi, I'm Kavi Shehara, interesting in writing articles on crypto assets. You can keep updated with my articles all the time.

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