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Binance Saving- The best place to maximize your crypto assets

By Shehara | Cryptonology | 21 Apr 2020

As we all know, Binance is the iconic crypto exchange which has a large number of tokens currently listed. Most people are so excited to trade on Binance due to its trademark all the world. Any listed token in Binance so far been able to succeed after their ICO programs and a lot of transactions are being g processed in the exchange as well. Hence, most projects are willing to get their token listed in Binance to have value for their token. Binance can be identified as the full package of exchange where the customer is provided multi-purpose facilities just like money changes, banks according to the requirement of the user. Let's have a quick look at how it brings you some additional money to your pocket.

Binance Savings

Binance saving is simply recognised as the easiest e]way to maximise your digital crypto asset by lending your assets in the exchange. As we deal in traditional savings accounts, There are two main types of savings such as Flexible savings and Locked savings.

Flexible Savings

This is the crypto saving account you have to subscribe first which gives the flexibility for you to deposit and earn. You can withdraw your funds anytime you want with interest you earn as you wish. This is a really big advantage of this facility where other platforms lack. A lot of users ideal their funds either in exchanges or wallets without doing anything but waiting for the price to go up. It is really easy to do this. first, you need to subscribe your purchasing for any crypto asset like BTC, ETH, etc. You can grow your wealth with accruing interests which is calculated on a cumulative basis.




For each asset you purchase has different interest plans based on annual yield. By clicking subscribe button to start your saving plan. If you like, you can push on to auto-subscribe. You don't have to spend any extra money on that. Even with a small amount of digital asset, the saving can be started which is the great advantage of this feature in Binance. 

Lock Savings

 This is the other feature of the Binance savings where your crypto asset is held fo particular time duration as for the packages. This package consists of seven days or thirty days where the manual yield interest is greater than in Flexible saving. For example, it can be illustrated as below.


In the left corner, the annual interest rate for EOS of locked savings is shown whereas flexible saving interest the same is in the right corner. For the locked saving it has the higher annualised interest rate. After the end of the value period, Binance saving distributes the lock saving account to your saving account with the cumulative interest. After releasing those assets to your saving wallet, the amounts you have received so far is well displayed in the account.


It is easy and simple than any other exchanges. Binance provides everything for you to earn and save your crypto assets while providing high security for your funds as well. There are lot of other lending and saving facilities in other programs but we can have very least trust in it. But, Binvace have its own reputation for giving the best thing for their customers with a lot of rewards. Save your assets in Binance exchange and maximise your assets by depositing it on savings account and withdraw any time. Best of luck on your saving!


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