A short guide on how to be more crypto friendly

A short guide on how to be more crypto friendly

By Cryptonite | Cryptonite | 22 Apr 2020

Hello everyone, this is a short guide of a bunch of crypto friendly tools and services that everyone can and should use on everyday life, some are decentralized service and some others are just crypto friendly ones but both of them need our support to growth and/or stay relevant and get pushed up a lil bit ;)


-Presearch instead of Google search

The 1st service is Presearch, they describe themselves as a search engine based on blockchain technology, also they are an open and decentralized service that reward the community member with Presearch Token (ERC20 Token) for every search you perform with them, the reward is 0,25 PRE each search and pay a maximum of 8 PRE per day.

As they rightly point out we live in a world where one single service provider own more then 75% of the market share we need some more “actors” that are not so big to influence our opinion, ideas or information source  when we search something on internet.

With Presearch you can chose from wich source you want to perform the search, for example u can use DuckDuckgo, Google, Twitter, Presearch itself, Facebook or even Amazon if you are searching something you need to buy.

I tested the service with many different search in various language and with popular and less popular words and compared to Google and it work perfectly well, in some case also better that the biggest competitor (for example with some jazz website that I could not find on 1st page on Google).


-Brave browser instead Google chrome

Brave rowser is an open source web browser that you can use on your computer, tablet or smartphone, is developed on Chromium browser and it block ads and website tracking (you can also allow some single website to use advertising banner if you want, just click on the lion up on the right of your screen).

Who win with the ads blocked is the speed of your browsing experience of course, also you can have a clean page without all the push up ads that pop from everywhere , you can chose to allow Brave to send you up to 5 ads per hour or zero as you wish and you get paid in BAT (Ethereum based cryptocurrency) for every advertising you see, advertising on Brave is not invasive at all as they appear as a mini banner on the bottom right of your screen.

Using Brave is a cool experience and even if it is a very young company with a version 1.7 of them product they have some useful function such as the synchronize your bookmarks you use on Chrome browser to your new brave Brave browser 😉, also you can find useful synchronize your tablet, smartphone and PC for using the bookmarks on any device.

You can add also all the extention that exist on Chrome such as Presearch and any other you use on your old browser.


-Lbry instead YouTube

Lbry is a video sharing platform that use Blockchain Technology to enable user to freely publish content without been censored by anyone, is a great place to watch and enjoy everything you yet watch on youtube but with the advantage not been censored and to pay your favourite creators with the native token that was created with the platform LBC (Lbry Credit).

You can earn LBC by watching stuff or perform many action such as sharing Lbry on many social platform or invite your friends to use this beautiful alternative to YouTube.

You can use Lbry on your web browser or with the desktop application, of course there is also the app for smartphone and tablet, this project is pretty cool also if I expect to see a more smooth experience in the future, I am very confident that the guys behind this project will implement Lbry  more as they see a bigger number of  active users than be patient if something is not always going to the right way immediately, they don’t have a billionaire company behind them😉


-Publish0x instead of any other blog website

I visit Publish0x thanks to a Brave browser advertising and I find that this website is such a great place, in this website I read a lot of interesting article and a lot of opinion different from mine, the research  that many of the writers do was so helpful for me that now I cant spend one day without “checking what happen on Publish0x”.

Here in Publish0x you can gain some crypto just for reading such interesting article and sharing ideas, the fact that there is much higher quality writing compared to other blog websites is a plus plus that make the crypto you get for reading something is almost less relevant compared to the things you learn from people more expert than you.


Hope you enjoy this little silly guide of crypto friendly services and also hope you use this websites and services because only supporting them we may expect to see a rising new era of services made for us and not just “for profit”


crypto enthusiast... just like you ;)

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