Escape to Farsite!

Welcome to Farsite_A Realm Beyond Realms

By Chauncey | Cryptonic 101 | 3 May 2021


First of all, begin by joining the game. Once you join Farsite you become eligible for airdrops and equipment upgrades. So please use this link to sign up now:

Once you are connected to the game and earning continual upgrades and airdrops, I recommend using the following resource to develop your abilities and roles: 

Farsite Player Guide

This is where I am starting so I can become acquainted with all aspects of the game including the tokenomics, roles, resources/tools, and support communities (Discord and Telegram

If you would like to get additional, regular deeper information, subscribe to the Farsite Youtube Channel and get all of the gameplay delivered to your door!!!!  

And check back on this article for future Farsite Gameplay Updates!!!!! I'm going in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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