What is Cardano (ADA)? How it works?
What is Cardano (ADA)? How it works?

By PrisonedBus9641 | Cryptonews9641 | 28 Mar 2020

Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain from which the ADA token is issued. The project involves the development of smart contract platforms and aims to compete with Ethereum by allowing faster transactions. The CEO of the company that created it (Input Output HK) is Charles Hoskinson own co-founder of Ethereum. Cardano uses the proof of stake method which allows you to have no need for miners which takes place instead with Bitcoin, which uses the proof of work method.

The name Cardano is a tribute to Gerolamo Cardano, a 14th century Italian mathematician and doctor who among the many inventions includes the combination lock. ADA is also the name of English mathematics Ada Lovelace, considered the mother of modern computers (it is up to her if Turing was able to build the first computer). Cardano is not only a decentralized platform but a real cultural and historical journey among the names of how many and how many have contributed to the mathematics we know today.



  • Backed by an international community of researchers.
  • Technological and educational partnerships with governments.
  • Economic capacity sufficient to guarantee the future of the project.


  • Project with very long implementation times.
  • Management of the Cardano Foundation not totally transparent.

Crypto exchange where to buy Cardano (ADA)

  • Kraken
  • Huobi Global
  • Upbit
  • Bittrex 
  • Bithumb
  • Binance


What are the wallets that support CARDANO?

The official Cardano wallet is Daedalus. The Daedalus ADA wallet supports PC operating systems (64-bit versions only): Windows, macOS and Linux.
ADA on smartphone or iPhone? In this case you will have to download Yoroi, the light wallet for Cardano developed by Emurgo.
Among the enabled hardware wallets there is Trezor, just download the proprietary ADALite application on the device.




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