Earn $$$ with this fun Wax game you probably never heard of!

By CryptoDavey | CryptoNewsAndHowtos | 24 Oct 2023

TL/DR: Earn right away with this fun game on Wax

I was looking for a real game to earn with, on the Wax blockchain. I found:
A mining game with actual gameplay, played by thousands of people daily. The second game on Wax after AW.
It is a couple of years old, so you might have heard of it. But I would read on, maybe you will learn a thing or two :)
Like how you can make more money than on Alien World, with less effort!

You can play this game totally for free if you wish!

What is this game about?
It is about mining gold, coal, ore, stone and clay. It is about building tools and selling to the miners. It is about being a miner, or being a mine owner. Or a combination. It is up to you what you want to do in this game. All items in the game are traded in a real economy. You set the prizes, you decide what you want to pay for stuff.

In this post I will you get started with only a small investment. Well, you can even start for free! Actually, I would start for free and see how the game works. It takes some time, but then you will see the potential to earn!

The game is played on the Wax Blockchain.

1: First click on this link  (yes it is a referral link, but it won't hurt you :) )
2: Click on Play Game
3: Create your account with Google
You are in!


Every player receives three working men that will do your jobs.
In theory you can starting doing jobs now, but it is limited to just transporting small stuff for other players and it pays badly.
But if you don't have money, you can start with this option. Or if you want to dive in and skip the info below, just go ahead!

You can also mine for free with no tools on the edge of the map on free lots. 400 plots to mine for free!

Your workers are able to work for 1 hour. After the job you have to wait one hour before you have your energy back.
Buying the premium version, give you 7 hours (and lots of more options). And your energy will be back in a minute or two.
That gives you the option to work three times a day (3*7 = 21 hours). You only have to login three times a day to do this!

Btw: you can buy the certificate for about 20000 coins and your workers are working for 5 hours, better option to start with that than premium.

What do you need to become a miner
1: The game uses the PGL token on the Wax blockchain:
Easy to buy on the Alcor exchange. Probably the place you already go to to sell/buy TLM for Wax anyways.
2: In game you can exchange 1 PGL for 1000 coins.
The gold coins you earn can be exchanged back to PGL instantly and sold off on Alcor again in seconds. Easy! With the gold you can buy tools and other stuff.


Once you are a gold miner in this game, you will see there are many more options: Be a goldmine owner, be a trader, own you own bank, be a builder. Lot's of options!
Your strategy, your game and your gold!

Have fun!

Get started here!



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