What is BETR?

By Mr. Sloth | CryptoNews2019 | 6 Aug 2019


BETR is true p2p sports betting blockchain technology. By providing a robust escrow and settlement service between 2 parties who do not know one another and have no common operator the system provides access to betting opportunities that did not previously exist.

BETR started its ICO in late 2017 and collected about 5,500,000$. A total of 200,585,761 BETR tokens were sold in the ICO and pre-ICO. The ICO ran from 15th Dec 2017 until 31st Jan 2018. BETR (BetterBetting) is located in Estonia.

The Founder and CEO, Adriaan Brink, is an gambling industry veteran and has much experience in sports betting. He could win the famous Ronnie O’Sullivan as testimonial.

BETR core features are:                                                                    

- Peer-to-peer Betting with no central party

- Applicability to other activities

- Provably fair and unbreakable

- Instant access to winnings

- Access to betting in more jurisdictions

- Access to large wholesale bets

- Ease of funding for betting

- No requirement for a regulated entity



Right now they offer a web interface, an android app and a very nice Telegram Bot to place bets (@TheBETRBot). The iOS app is in development and will be released soon. To start betting, you must create a BETR Wallet, which can be funded with BETR tokens, Ethereum or EOS. You can bet on almost every sport like, Football, Tennis, Baseball, American Football, Rugby Union and Boxing.

As mentioned earlier, you can use Ethereum, EOS and BETR to place bets. But you can only lay bets using the BETR token, this will drive the price up. 

The BETR token is listed on several exchanges like HitBTC, Changelly, IDEX, Waves, Bancor and ForkDelta. Its also listed on CMC with an MarketCap about 213,840$.

In June 2019 BETR announced it first strategic relationship with an Asian operator: BETR has launched a white label of its peer-to-peer betting client at https://cryp2mania.com . Betting is on the same lays as the rest of the network and will increase volume and add to the overall liquidity.  

You can reach the team easily via telegram -> https://t.me/betterbetting 






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