TimeMiner next gem or next scam?

By Mr. Sloth | CryptoNews2019 | 25 Aug 2020


Hi Guys, i came across a new project on the etherblockchain which has a simple but smart idea: TimeMiner. It stated that it introduces a new system called proof of time because it combine the proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS) as validation. The basic idea is, that a coin is mint every hour, which means 24 coins are mint a day. The kicker is, that these coins are only distributed to the token holders and not to the market. Hence this project is approx 48h old, its maybe a good time to invest. But I have to say i am not a financial advisor and you should always do your own research (DYOR). Of course there are some redflags:

The homepage look very generic, especially the clients tab made me laugh:


Thats Buzzword Bingo Deluxe. A guy on 4chan also stated, that there is kind of foundersfee in the smartcontract. Unfortunately i am not able to verify this because i can´t read solidity. There also no whitepaper and the community is quite small yet. I just threw some play money on it, because i like the idea. To participate just go to uniswap and swap some eth to the TIME token. To claim your daily rewards you must have your TIME token in smart wallet like MetaMask or TrustWallet and just head to homepage and you see your walletbalance and your realbalance (which is your walletbalance plus the % of 24 distributed coins daily). To claim it just hit "Synchronize me":






Locked Liqudity:

Uniswap Info:

DexTools Info:


Every 1 hour only 1 coin is produce and distributed to holders according their % hold.

Circulation start with 24 coins.

ICO on website:
Presale start 12:00 UTC, 23 August 2020
Presale end 12:00 UTC, 24 August 2020



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