So I invested in the TimeMiner Project.....

By Mr. Sloth | CryptoNews2019 | 27 Aug 2020

Hi Guys,

as I written in this article, I stumbled across the TimeMiner project. The Idea in a nutshell: Only 24 Coins are mint a day, so every hour 1 coin. These coins are only distributed to the tokenholders and not dropped on the market. Ever holder get a percentage of the minted coin, based on his holdings. So every hour you get a little percentage, which sums up if you hodl. I have invested $367,20 an got 0,0765 TIME token. I´ve monitored 10 hours of payouts and here are my results...

First of all: How much is one TimeMiner Token? Not easy to say, because the homepage originally stated it is a stablecoin. But that is not the case, on the other hand the price is not 100% calculated by supply and demand, so this is a little bit unclear. Maybe someone can educate me on the price. Hence the project is only 72h old there is not much data, but here is the price chart:


All my calculations are based on $ 4800 per 1 Time, as you may see, this a little bit pessimistic but I want to keep it low. So I threw $ 367,00 in, which is 0,0765 time:



This chart is verified and the gains were made. You can see that I made $28,00 in 10h, which equals an average gain of 0,819% per hour. It´s  nice, that you don´t need to claim the gains every hour and pay gas fee, these gains happen on-chain. You can see your balance on the TimeMiner Homepage when you logged in with your wallet. The following charts are just assumptions based on the 0,810% average gain per hour. So if you sum up a whole day it looks like this:


Well, 18% a week is not bad. Now the compound interest come in play. When we take 18% average gain and look what we have in a full week, we come to this chart:


I am not a excel pro and maybe get something total wrong, but this look pretty solid. 1499,53 - 367,20 = 1132,33 earnings. I will do a update in the next week and keep you touch about the real numbers. It´s pretty important to hodl, cause when your sell, your % coin interest sinks. You know this is not a financial advice and you have always to do your own research. When you have any questions, just join the telegram group or comment.




Locked Liqudity:

Uniswap Info:

DexTools Info:


Every 1 hour only 1 coin is produce and distributed to holders according their % hold.

Circulation start with 24 coins.

ICO on website:
Presale start 12:00 UTC, 23 August 2020
Presale end 12:00 UTC, 24 August 2020

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