Wargame: Pentagon prepares for Bitcoin rebellion

By CryptoNews101 | CryptoNews101 | 14 Jun 2020

The Pentagon imagines the rebellion of a Bitcoin-funded Gen-Z

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"In 2025, the Pentagon decides to send the US Army to try to quell a massive rebellion led by Bitcoin." This sentence is not from an anticipation novel! It illustrates a wargame imagined by the Pentagon services, to train its agents (future generals). The scenario is that of a generation Z revolt, which would use Bitcoin to secede from the System.

Zbellion no longer wants to hear about the dollar



The Intercept media recently revealed a declassified document from the United States Department of Defense. It describes a "special strategic program", devised in 2018, to anticipate various events that would affect the security of the United States of America.

Amidst Islamist terrorists and anti-capitalist extremists, we find Generation Z. These are individuals born after 1996.

The events take place in 2025, when a group dubbed "Zbellion" calls for waging "global cyber campaigns to expose injustice and corruption". The movement thus wishes to overthrow the "System", and future generals of the Pentagon must imagine how to prevent them.

Bitcoin, the currency of the Rebellion against the US Empire?

In this insurgency, each new member is trained to retrieve malware from the Dark Web. All this in order to:

"To siphon funds from companies, financial institutions and all organizations that support" the System "".

But all this diverted money is not kept in the form of fiduciary currency, under the control of the issuing States. It is converted to Bitcoin (BTC) by Zbellion activists.

Although in this scenario the revolt originated in the United States, with a generation born in the attacks of September 11 and marked by the 2008 crisis and the student debt still growing, the movement spread quickly around the world, calling for "A strong response".

One of the authorities' most powerful leverage is their ability to freeze funding for political dissent, according to the Forbes newspaper, which quotes analyst Nathaniel Whittemore. Except that by separating the infrastructure of money from the infrastructure of state power:

"Bitcoin makes this type of politically motivated confiscation even more difficult."

In addition to its protection against inflation, as a safe haven like gold, Bitcoin would therefore also have a big role to play thanks to its resistance to censorship ...

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