Is Whisper MSG Going To Beat Others Chatting App With Using Its Advanced Blockchain Technology?

By Cryptobdschool | cryptonews | 11 May 2022


It has become nearly impossible to connect with your friends online without your personal information being exposed. Moreover, online platforms are not safe anymore because of hackers and other lack of security. Then there is the fear of getting your messages screenshot. Another concern is that your information might be getting sold to third parties even when you did not give any kind of consent.

Sometimes people use various online platforms for money transactions or asset trading. But a question always remains. People are not really sure whether those platforms are secure or not for money or asset trading. When this question arises, can someone actually be so confident in using that platform for money transactions or asset trading? As the person is unaware of the process of the platforms, the answer is negative.

Now, what if someone told you that you can chat with your friends and manage your online assets on a single platform? That too without giving away your personal information. It sounds too awesome to believe, right? But it has come to reality now. Newly launched application named “Whisper MSG” has made it possible for everyone to secure their information and manage their digital assets without worrying about hackers or the information getting stolen.


Whisper MSG is the ultimate secure messenger with digital wallet. With the latest Blockchain technology being used, Whisper MSG is an encrypted messenger. Whatever you are sending to your friend in Whisper MSG, the message will automatically be deleted after your friend reads the message. You may ask what if the messages get saved in the app server! For that let us assure you that Whisper MSG does not acquire any kind of central server and all the messages remain encrypted. So, there are no chances of your messages being saved somewhere. To make this app more interesting and user-friendly, Whisper MSG did not just remain as a secured messenger app, we went beyond that. We added a digital wallet system so that you can exchange or send or receive digital assets.

To avails such amazing features, all you have to do is download the app “Whisper MSG” from Google Play Store (If you are an Android user), or App Store (If you are an iPhone user). Excitingly, the app is completely free. After downloading, you just need to register with your user name and a six-digit pin code. After that, generate a unique wallet code. For backup, that means if you ever forget your pin code or wallet code, mnemonics words will be provided. In this whole process of registration, and setting up the account, you are not required to provide any of your personal information such as contact number, e-mail address, etc.


Another question arises. “If I do not give any of my personal information, then how my friends will be able to find me or how can I find my friends in the app?” Whisper MSG has already thought of the solution to that. To connect with your friends, all you need is to scan your friend's QR code from his Whisper MSG app, or copy his unique code (From My Info) and paste it into your app. To transfer your digital asset, simply click on your friend’s profile and press ‘Remit’, select the asset, and enter the amount. The address will automatically be filled and just click on ‘Done’. Your asset transfer will be done without any delay.

The security of the services is ensured by Whisper to the fullest. Your Privacy is Our Priority.







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