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No-loss lottery PoolTogether cracks 50 million in deposits after token airdrop

Just a few days after the airdrop of their governance token, POOL, the self-styled “savings game” PoolTogether has cracked $50 million in total value locked with ease, currently sitting above $51 million spread between DAI, USDC, UNI, and COMP lottery pools.

While the project stalled below $10 million in total value locked for months, growth has been explosive ever since the POOL governance token airdrop on February 17. According to a Tweet from the team, a day ago the project had $34 million in TVL — it has since grown 33%.



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“As part of the initial decentralization, 5% of total POOL supply (500,000 tokens) were allocated to be distributed automatically to all no loss prize pool depositors over the next 14 week,”

said PoolTogether founder Leighton Cusack

Cusack says that of the 1.5 million tokens airdropped on the 17th, (15% of the total supply), 600,000 have been claimed.

“The prizes are MUCH larger than they have ever been. Right now the protocol is on track to aw1ard over $60,000 in prizes in the next 7 days. So the higher prizes is attracting more people to deposit,” he said.

NFT market top signal? Fake Banksy nets over $1 million in ETH from NFT sales

An individual posing as Banksy, perhaps the most famous living artist, has netted over $1 million in Ether in NFT sales. 

Starting on Sunday, Feb. 14, frequent browsers of the NFT marketplaces Opensea and Rarible noticed an account named “Pest Supply” with branding and nonfungible tokens made in Banksy’s signature graffiti-stencil style. Many were quick to jump in, given the “real” Banksy’s habit for pop-up installations:


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Before Opensea wiped much of the account history and disabled further sales, the account’s records showed hundreds of sales to buyers ranging from 0.116 ETH to over 60 ETH for a piece titled “NFT morons.” Noted whale wallet 0xb1 also made a few purchases, including one transaction worth 34 ETH, or $68,000.

In an email obtained by Cointelegraph, Banksy’s “legal guardian,” Pest Control, has denied any association with the NFTs.

The account has taken in 512 ETH total, per Nansen, with nearly 430 ETH sent to a secondary address. The individual’s Rarible page includes a set of screenshots and Etherscan transactions ostensibly proving 23.5 ETH in donations to Save The Children, a humanitarian organization — less than 5% of the individual’s total haul.



image via coinmarketcap



image via coinmarketcap

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