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US Congress Now Aims At Decentralized Services Too

Two members of the American Congressional Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have challenged the decentralized blockchain-powered DLive platform to explain why it was hosting “extremist” content that incited Donald Trump supporters to storm the Capitol building early last month, and allowing streamers to earn crypto while doing so.Streamers on the platform, owned since October 2020 by Tron (TRX) supremo Justin Sun and under the BitTorrent umbrella, can earn the bittorrent token.

the two Democratic Party lawmakers, Jackie Speier and Raja Krishnamoorthi, wrote to Sun and Charles Wayn, the Chief Executive Officer of Dlive, claiming,

“Your platform live streamed a number of individuals who entered and were around the building. Several of these individuals earned thousands of dollars in DLive’s digital currency that day, and a number received large donations through the platform ahead of the event.”

The duo claimed that Wayn has spoken about DLive’s policy of “tolerating” extremists and “allowing other more popular content producers to ‘dilute’ their reach. “If true,” the politicians wrote, “this is unacceptable.”

And while the platform claims to be decentralized in nature, the lawmakers did not seek to make a distinction between it and centralized social media and content-sharing platforms, writing,

“We have worked with other platforms such as FacebookTwitter and YouTube to reform their governance practices around extremist content and that work is still ongoing. But it is clear that DLive is well behind its peers in platform governance and needs to take serious reformative actions.”

Bitcoin Mining Moves In Russia

An unnamed miner has just sent Russia’s largest single batch of mining equipment into the country – heading for a BitRiver-run data center in Irkutsk, and loaded on 14 trucks. The 20,000 devices have a combined power capacity of 70 MW and an estimated value of USD 40m - USD 60m, reported Kommersant.

he media outlet quoted experts as stating that the giant haul of rigs would theoretically be able, on its own, to “power three months’ worth of mining operations” for the nation’s entire retail mining sector. Deals of this scale, the experts added, would likely help Russia maintain its third-place spot in the crypto mining stakes.

Ledger Gets Big Client

Hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger that was hit with a massive client data leak last year, said that major crypto lender Nexo has selected Ledger Vault, a digital asset custody technology platform, to be implemented across its retail and institutional platforms, "offering Nexo’s over 1 million users an added layer of security to their digital asset portfolios." Nexo is reportedly managing USD 4bn in assets.

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