Why I bought the $DFC token. The best project of the TON ecosystem. The new trend of PEPE/DOGE? DF Capital - the creator of NOTCOIN?

While everyone is waiting for the listing of Notcoin and actively discussing whether this project has a future at all, the most competent people are starting to study projects on TON and investing in them, which is what I did.


Speaking of Notcoin - it is absolutely clear that this is a well thought-out strategy to create a hype and attract Telegram users to the TON: ecosystem. How? They gave people a free game with simple mechanics and started rumours about a future token. 

But at the same time, you can't deny the growing excitement around the Notcoin game. This underlines the huge potential of the GameFi sector in the coming bull market. 

But that's not what I want to talk about in this article: since the beginning of December I have been following and being part of the community of the DF Capital project (https://definder.club/) - by the way, it is currently the largest community alliance in the TON blockchain network and the only ecosystem of projects on the TON blockchain with more than 100+ services on one platform.

Yesterday I came across an article titled "HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH TELEGRAM PROJECTS? TON, NOTCOIN, DEFINDER CAPITAL ($DFC). Top projects that will be profitable in 2024", where the author just mentioned $DFC coin of DF Capital project. If anyone has not had time to read it yet, I leave the link. The project is on the first place, ahead of even Fragment and STON.fi in terms of analysis. And I decided to do my own research because most people are suspicious of projects on TON. The reason is simple - the ecosystem has always been "in the shadows" and only insiders knew about its potential. 

And sooner or later there had to be projects that would shake up the ecosystem and cause a huge breakthrough. And in my opinion, DeFinder (token $DFC) is exactly the project that the Telegram team will soon "transform" into Notcoin 2.0 - its improved version with a token. 

Therefore, in this article I will tell you in detail why I decided to buy the DFC token and show you why DF Capital will make a big profit in the near future.

DF Capital = it's a NOTCOIN killer. Let's see why you should buy DFC while you can.

ANALYSING THE DF CAPITAL (DFC) PROJECT - https://definder.club/  

1) DFC trades on major exchange MEXC 

The DF Capital token is already trading on the major CEX exchange MEXC - the price has already made almost +3500% since listing. 

Ask yourself a question - if the project didn't plan to develop and grow the ecosystem, would it spend time and money on listings to go beyond DEX? The answer is obvious, and there are rumors that we will soon see more listings from the project on top exchanges. Without support and reputation in the market, major exchanges will not list just any project - MEXC has never worked with scam projects and always analyzes the team.c9db0d667461b7aee26a9d17b43dabd39a9158d66c0e98f89ac3b88e81bb1c08.png

2) There is a lot of hype around DF Capital and the DFC token around the world right now, see for yourself. And according to the rumours, the market makers of the project team already have a great experience in pumping memes on Solana/PEPE and will work with NOTCOIN to pump the TON ecosystem in an integrated way. 

Remember why Solana grew in 2023? The project team specifically pumped ecosystem projects, the same thing TON is doing now around the Notcoin token. And remember that DFC is also built on the TON blockchain, has the same mechanics, and is also closely connected to the TON ecosystem. 

In my opinion, DFC is Notcoin 2.0 in its improved interpretation with a more developed ecosystem and real growth potential. In particular, the price has not yet shown its growth and is in the price discovery phase. 

3) There are rumors of a listing on Binance. And it may not be just a rumour, because if you look at the project's community - now it already exceeds the figure of 250k+ only in Telegram channels. But we should not forget that after the listing, investors from the market also enter the game and make huge volumes on the market. 

4) The company has big plans to develop its ecosystem. To this end, the project acquired DeLab, a TON software development company, to develop the ecosystem.

5) According to our analysis, the founder of the token and the founder of Notcoin are the same team. Here's why:

  • DFC was one of the first to add NOTCOIN to the app. After that, the price went up and literally in a few days, 50 thousand new users joined the community. Advertising for the token, even though none of the other projects had it. 2+2=4. 
  • NOTCOIN already has its own token, and if you analyze the purchases, you will see - a large capital is accumulating the token in its hands. This could mean that soon there will be a token pamp of the token to attract more and more people. 

It's all connected, and if there is a tight integration with the TON product in the near future (which is rumored to be planned as early as this quarter), the token boom will be for sure. 

The bottom line is that no project on TON has yet to take off like the DFC token.

Can you trust the DF Capital project? Is it worth buying the DFC token?


This is not just another project with an anonymous team that just wants to skim people off the top. If you look at it, you will see that all the processes are completely transparent. There are no machinations, the team says everything directly and has a direct dialogue with the community, the processes develop systematically. 

As a matter of fact, the team has refused any additional volume of tokens by simply closing the possibility of minting tokens. And the team's share in the project is only 10%, and they use tokens as tokens. The roadmap is open and available on the website. All the necessary elements are in place, no questions asked. 

The most important tool is the community, which is growing at an incredible rate. Why is there so much excitement around Notcoin? Because the first steps were taken by the public, who supported the product and started talking about it everywhere. Then the excitement continued in all the media.

It's the same with DFC. Their global goal is to become the #1 project on TON, to develop the ecosystem and be an integral part of it, so that the community can scale and the community members can get the benefits and the advantages of that synergy. And that is what the DAO mechanism is all about. 

Now the DFC holders, as we can see from the on-chain metrics, are not the project team, not the community, but whales, investors coming in from the market. Literally in a few months this has become a huge ecosystem.

Bottom line, why DF Capital is not a scam and the project can be trusted

  • Multi-wave DAO issuance with two token pools - open to all and holder only. 1000+ DFC DAO holders, listings on all top TON CEX, CMC, CoinGecko, first major CEX listing on MEXC
  • Community in TG channels alone exceeds 250k+ people 
  • Price up over 3000% since listing
  • Partnered with DeLab, a TON software company, to add new products to the DeFinder ecosystem and make the DFC token the backbone of those products (details below).
  • Launch of the DEX wallet - DeWallet https://t.me/delabtonbot/wallet , which already supports TON tokens and tokens. The DFC token is embedded directly into the wallet.
  • Launch of DeFinder Capital Fund https://t.me/DFCFUND
  • Launch of Lineage server supported by DF Capital Fund https://t.me/la2ton
  • First professional betting service on TON with DFC token integration backed by DF Capital Fund https://t.me/betty_games
  • Launched first game with DFC farming @ArrakkenPlanet_bot 
  • Reached 8600 holdings and moved from 20th to 3rd place in the list of top tokens (https://ton.app/jettons ) in the TON ecosystem https://ton.app/jettons 



1) The project has its own Web3 wallet with built-in services for exchanging and buying tokens. Commissions from transactions will be sent 100% to buy DFC tokens from the market. Why is this cool? Because when the team announces the airdrop, a lot of people will come to the wallet, they will be active and thus increase the rate. By the way, the new airdrop is only a few days away.

2) Betty is the best betting service on the TON blockchain, its own game in which the token is integrated, which creates additional demand for it. 

3) Own DFC Foundation - a product that develops the ecosystem and DFC, building a reputation both in the TON community and in the crypto market as a whole. There are no analogues of this service on the market. 

Recently, by the way, a charity auction was held, where the project bought the work of Sea Turtle Heading For The Sunrise https://ton.diamonds/auctions/sea-turtle-heading-for-the-sunrise for 4,725 TON, beating the bid of Pavel Durov (as we have already understood, who had a hand in the project), while gathering one of the largest communities in the TON ecosystem. 


I think the project is just starting to rock and we will see prices of $10, $50 and $100. These are my global levels for this token. Why? I explained it all in detail above. 

This is not just another project that came to market as quietly as it went out (as most do). This is a huge ecosystem on the TON blockchain using the same ecosystem pumping mechanism as Solana. There are already rumours in the media about a partnership with the founder of Notcoin with 5 million members, which means that DF Capital (https://definder.club/) is the next product that will be on the same hype. Decide for yourself, but it's definitely a worthwhile project to make a profit on. 

In this article I have shared my opinion and if you don't believe me, do your research and share your opinion in the comments.

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