MaxSwap Review. The best cryptocurrency wallet and exchange? Advantages and disadvantages of MaxSwap in 2024

Many owners of cryptocurrencies during its fall, began to actively sell crypto, and some (especially those who have never bought it or only thought of buying it), see an opportunity for themselves and want to buy assets to earn money. Mostly considered to buy BTC. The easiest way is to use a Telegram bot to exchange or buy BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

With the help of Telegram bots you can find out the exchange rate of bitcoin to ruble and transfer cryptocurrency between wallets. Selling bitcoin and other crypto assets is connected to a P2P exchange or exchanger, so up-to-date transaction information is available. Some bots even have a support team to deal with any problems that may arise. However, such services should be used with caution, as they are often used by fraudsters, so it is worth choosing a bot with a good reputation.

You can choose a suitable bot by considering several factors:

- Variety of currencies supported;

- Bot functionality;

- Ease of registration and use.

In this article we have reviewed the basic functionality of the MaxSwap bot: how to deposit your wallet in the crypto bot, how to exchange/buy cryptocurrency through the crypto bot, and also analyzed the functionality of the site: how to register, how to connect your wallet, and how to make your first transactions - to exchange or buy/sell cryptocurrency for fiat with MaxSwap


MaxSwap - how to exchange cryptocurrency to fiat profitably?

Before writing this article, we personally tested the service for one month. And in this article we have tried to give an honest review of the pros and cons of the platform.

The main advantages that are important for every trader: the convenience of the service. With MaxSwap you can buy/sell to exchange fiat crypto in a fast and convenient format, without KYC and with favorable conditions on commissions. User-friendly interface, the ability to conduct transactions via Telegram bot and work with the exchange in any country. 

One of the disadvantages: Limited choice of currencies - currently the most popular cryptocurrencies are available on the exchange, which can cause slight limitations in the work of those users who are used to working with new coins. To understand whether the service is suitable for you, it is better to study the full list of currencies on the site. 

The main currencies that you can work with on MaxSwap: 

  • Fiat currencies: EUR, USD, AUD, TRY, GBP, DKK, SEK, NOK, CAD, etc. (the full list of currencies can be found on the website) 

Advantages of MaxSwap Exchange


  • Low commissions

The commission for deposits and withdrawals is the most important criterion when deciding whether to work on a particular platform. The main advantage of the exchange is the minimal commission for financial transactions. It is only 0.3%. 

  • Exchange service without mandatory verification (KYC)

Verification often takes a long time and always puts you at risk, because any system can be hacked, which means that your personal data can be taken over by hackers or the operators of the platform itself. That's why many users are wary of markets that don't have verification.

At MaxSwap, verification is very formal. Yes, you have to enter your contacts, address, first name and last name, but you only have to confirm your email. No documents are required for registration.

  • Convenient inter-network exchange of stables and purchase of native tokens, which provides ample opportunities for portfolio diversification. The functionality is available both on the website and through the Telegram bot;
  • Instant transactions due to the ability to exchange stablecoins without the need to add new networks and perform complex transactions;
  • Secure storage of cryptocurrency in the wallet, which can be accessed via the Telegram bot;
  • Up to 50% affiliate program;
  • Cryptocurrency arbitrage tools - MaxProfit, where you can arbitrage and track more than 30000 cryptocurrencies on more than 60 CEX and DEX. The advantage of the service is that every 4 seconds a message is sent to the Telegram bot informing you about the latest changes in the market. 

How to buy/sell and exchange cryptocurrency with MaxSwap?  

One of the main advantages of MaxSwap is that it is a convenient Telegram bot with the functionality of an exchange, but only in a faster and more convenient format. This is the best way if you need to exchange crypto for fiat, sell or buy currency in a few minutes. 


You can view information about your wallet, quickly buy/sell or exchange cryptocurrencies. You can also view active limit orders or open new ones. What's more, you can see the commissions for transactions for each asset: just click on "Info - Commissions" and select the currency you are interested in. 

Let's see in more detail how to work with MaxSwap Telegram Bot.

  1. To start, you need to enter your email address and confirm it by clicking on the link in the email. How to confirm the registration of your account 
  2. Fund your wallet - this can be done through TRC-20/ERC-20 networks. Below is a step-by-step guide: 
  • Click on "WALLET" in the main menu. 




  • Select currency


  • Select the network where we want to deposit the account 


  • Choose a wallet


It is important to note that all operations go through the AML procedure, so you can replenish your account taking into account the commission (standard procedure, the amount of commission is the same and even less than other bots and exchangers).

  • Funds are on the wallet, so now you can start the main actions - buying/exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Working with MaxSwap bot makes the process much easier, because you don't need to connect VPN, authorize on the site and try to make transactions in the browser version (especially if you try to do it from your phone). So go to the bot and exchange currency in minutes in a more convenient format. The link to the Telegram bot is attached:

MaxSwap - exchange cryptocurrency with low commissions

Now let's understand how to make transactions on the site. First, let's register on the platform.

Step 1. Go to the registration page


  • Select "Personal" or "Business" account. The only difference is that you must specify your company when you register.
  • Enter email address, password
  • Select a country from the suggested list
  • Click "Create Account
  • Confirm your email by clicking on the link in the email. 

Done, you are registered. As you can see, everything is very easy. MaxSwap only needs an email address. 

Once you have logged into your MaxSwap account, you can familiarize yourself with all the features offered by this system.

MaxSwap has an intuitive and simple interface, which creates a more comfortable environment for interacting with the service.

Step 2: Deposit your balance on the exchange. 

You can deposit your MaxSwap balance in the "Wallet - Deposit" section, which contains information about the currencies supported by the service and their current status. 


When making a deposit, all you need to do is choose a currency and a convenient way to transfer funds. In the new window, select the deposit system and enter the amount you wish to deposit.

Please note that the system will charge a commission for this operation.

When working with MaxSwap, you can deposit and withdraw funds directly to a bank card, which is also a big plus and allows you to make transactions quickly and in a convenient format.

Step 3: Buy/sell cryptocurrency.

After funding your account, go to the "Buy", "Sell" tab. 


  1. Select the currency in which we want to make the transaction
  2. Select fiat and payment method (Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards and other payment methods, different for each currency).
  3. Click "Buy" or "Sell".

Step 4: Exchange cryptocurrency

If you want to exchange assets after funding your account, go to the "Exchange" tab. 


Select the asset you wish to exchange and receive as a result. If you have enough funds in your account to exchange the selected currency, you will be redirected to the page where the exchange transaction will be performed.

Once the transaction is complete, the amount received will be reflected in the Dashboard and in the Wallet section.

It is important to note that all transactions are carried out at the best possible rate and are based on quotes from the world's leading stock exchanges. Commissions are no more than 0.3%, which allows you to make transactions on favorable terms.

Support Service

In case of difficulties or questions related to the work with the exchange, the user can contact the technical support service, which works 24/7 and will be able to advise at any time on the problems that have arisen. The MaxSwap support contact is duplicated here .

Let's summarize

The exchange is very new on the market, but it can already compete with the whales and the biggest platforms in terms of functionality and user-friendliness. 

MaxSwap is a great platform that will suit both beginners and experienced traders. As I said before, lately I have been trading only through MaxSwap (mostly through the Telegram bot) and I buy, sell and exchange my assets safely, so I recommend you to try working with the platform as well. Test the exchange yourself and share your opinion. Good luck to all!

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