The Greatest Rollercoaster Ride!!

By Dajigganaut | Cryptonewb | 30 Aug 2019

About a year ago I did something that would turn into a hobby, something that would take up a good portion of my time, and something that I would enjoy more than I thought possible. **I BOUGHT MY FIRST CRYPTOCURRENCY**!!

When I made that purchase I had no idea of the door that I was opening. A door which could not be closed. I was hooked, thats all there was too it.

I bet you are wondering what that first coin was? Well to be honest I wasn't sure at the time. I lacked a basic understanding of crypto in general. I had heard about Bitcoin, who hadn't - it was after the bull market of 2017, but what the hell was Litecoin? Ethereum? Monero? I couldn't tell them apart at the time, so I chose a coin like a child, what gave me more for my money, more coins were better right?

I ended up doing a quick Youtube search on a couple of potential buys. Finally I made a choice. My first bag of coins went **TRX**.

To be honest, still hold some, why? The Dapps!!

I have made many more crypto - purchases since then, BTC, LTC, ETH, even some low cap coins. All for a chance to maybe ride the crypto wave, make some passive prophets, and just enjoy the ride.

I own a mining rig, I have tried trading bots, gambled on Dapps, lost money to a scam( not proud, but lesson learned), and I have felt the highs and low of watching prices pump and dump.

I can't say why I enjoy the crypto-space so much, but I don't regret dipping my toes in the pool. The only thing I know is I regret not listening to a small internet phenomenon when I was a young buck-sergeant in the Army. Who would have guessed that I would regret the words i said when I first heard about Bitcoin.

"Why the hell would we need a digital currency? That makes zero sense!"

I missed that first stop, but I am glad I hopped on and got the chance to ride the greastest rollercoaster ride I have ever been on.

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