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By Cryptoneer | Cryptoneers | 21 Aug 2021

As you may have seen in recent times, the volatility of cryptocurrency is increasing way much more than it was expected. And the profits too. Each day a person is become millionaire just by holding a little amount of coins.

So, this is the time to buy everything. Not in millions or billions but buy today for atleast thousands. Why am i saying this? This is because when the projects come new to the market, they need people to invest in them. And you need to make profits. So, its a total win-win situation.


Voila, cryptoneers, So, lets move ahead and see what is Cryst coin, and how can we buy it. So, let us start with what is Cryst Coin?

Cryst is a token built on the TRON blockchain, whose utility is to power the Levelnaut economy, which has several existing projects.

Cryst coin is issued by Elven Land, the ultimate blockchain project built on Tron network. It comprises of 26 coins named alphabetically.




… and the list continues to Z — Zappy.

Levelnaut, on the other hand is a company that offers an educational platform aimed at equipping individuals about worthwhile investments in the blockchain industry. The goal is to offer well sort out investment information and opportunities that will be void of scams, risks, and exploitation.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Cryst coin is backed by the projects on Levelnaut that provide a solid background and utility enabling a long-term, consistent upscale of its market price.


Cryst Coin Token Details:

Cryst Contract Address: TD5kZ4LpScZniQAyD5TPZnj6WzxfPzbNkS

Cryst Trading Pair Address: TCrN4jaw6MJdjwvPr2ZQW3sKow8xGCAWVr

Pair Name: CRYST — TRX

Listed on: JustSwap

Supply: 10,000,000,000 Cryst [10 Billion]

Decimal / Precision: 2

Token Type: TRC20

Official Website:

Cryst Whitepaper:


Buying Cryst Coins from Tronlink — Step By Step Guide:

Phase 1 — Setup

Step1: First thing first, you need to open a Tronlink wallet. If you already have it skip this phase and jump to Phase 2.

You can download it from the below options-

For IOS, click here.

For Android, click here.

Setup Account Name: This will allow you to distinguish between wallets when you create more than one wallet

Set Password: This Password will be used whenever you send your assets to someone, swap the tokens or buy a token.

NOTE: Save the password as Tronlink will not be able to retrieve your password once lost.

Mnemonic Key: It’s time to save the Mnemonic key or Phrase Key. Preferred is you write those words.

NOTE: Do not share these 12–24 Words with anyone.

Phase 2 — Adding Coin

Step2: Now, first click on the little (+) symbol and add Cryst Coin contract address by pasting the address — [TD5kZ4LpScZniQAyD5TPZnj6WzxfPzbNkS]. You will find the Cryst coin there. Just Enable it.

cryst address

Or you can also add Cryst Coin by searching “Cryst” in the search field.

This will help you to keep a track of how many coins you have.

cryst swap

Phase 3 — Buying Cryst Coins / Swapping Cryst Coins

Step3: Now go to the market section and click on JustSwap. And, if you don’t find Cryst coin in the list, then search using contract address — [TD5kZ4LpScZniQAyD5TPZnj6WzxfPzbNkS]

Add the Cryst coin and, Click on it.

Step4: Coin will be added, and now you just have to enter the amount of coin you want to buy.

Step5: Click on Swap, Enter your password.

Voila, You have got your Cryst coins.

Elven Land Community:

The Elven Land community is growing by the day, from humble origins. It’s free for anyone to join one or all of the following social platforms:

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