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How I Got Myself Into Trouble With The DeFighters Gang From DeFiChain

How I Got Myself Into Trouble With The DeFighters Gang From DeFiChain

Recently, I got myself into trouble with the DeFighters Gang from Julian Hosp’s DeFiChain and it all started with a harmless tweet.

Last week, I already published an article about the stablecoin $dUSD from DeFiChain that lost its peg of $1 around one year ago and since then it has been anything else but stable.

If you have missed this article, you can still read it here on Publish0x.

Julian Hosp and his devoted DeFichain community have tried to fix the issue with the unstable stablecoin but until today with no success, obviously. What they are successful with is selling hopium to their investors that they are about to fix the issue of the lost peg.

When I saw one of those hopium tweets in my Twitter timeline, I decided to retweet it with a comment:

“I predict that dUSD from Julian Hosp’s @defichain will NEVER again get back to its peg of $1!”

This was the moment when I got in trouble with the #DeFighters. They did not like at all that I was speaking out about what had been obvious, so they decided to enter my tweet in the replies.

You can check the replies to the tweet yourself. What they are basically trying to tell me was that I am a stupid troll, hater, FUDer who is “attacking” the DeFiChain.

In the end, their replies gave me enough motivation to write the article “The Stablecoin $dUSD From DeFiChain Lost Its Peg One Year Ago”. I probably wouldn’t have written it without their replies on Twitter.

As you can imagine the story did not end here. Now comes the funny part.

A few days after my prediction on Twitter, $dUSD was really about hitting its peg from $1.

Well, the $1 party only lasted for a short moment of time. However, this short moment of time was long enough for the DeFighters to tell me that my prediction had been terribly wrong.


Maybe I wasn’t clear enough with my prediction. It is not about touching the $1 peg for a short moment of time but it is about reaching the peg and maintaining it over time.

Someone even wrote that I would be an Internet Sissy who has deleted his own tweet which is clearly not the case.

Other wrote that my prediction has aged like old milk and similar stuff.

To be honest, my prediction is aging like a good wine. $dUSD still is extremely unstable.


My Final Conclusion

I guess this is the stuff that you have to deal with in the crypto space where gangs like the #DeFighters are a phenomenon. If you say something bad about a certain crypto project, even if it is obvious, you get in trouble with their “fighters” and “warriors”.

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