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CoinMarketCap time waster

Wasting Time On CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap came up with some new features this year like an airdrop calendar or CMC diamonds. In the beginning, I thought that these guys are very innovative recently. Today I believe that CoinMarketCap is just wasting my precious time.

In the CoinMarketCap airdrop calendar, you will find lots of different airdrops. If you want to participate in one of them you have to perform specific tasks, mostly following the project on all social channels.


After performing all these tasks, you quickly realize that you have just wasted your time because the chances to receive something (a few cents) from this airdrop are less than 1%! So mathematically, you need to participate in more than 100 of these airdrops to be successful in at least one of them. Just check out the last three airdrops that have ended. 


Chance for MOT: 0.27%

Chance for VLXPAD: 1.5% (one of the better rates, but still bad)

Chance for AFEN: 0.4%

Honestly, I don`t know what is worse, their airdrop calendar or their learn and earn program. Look, only 100 users received Cybertino but hundreds of thousands of participants, it`s a joke!


I have been monitoring airdrops for a long time now. Since CoinMarketCap got involved, I have the impression that there are no good airdrops anymore. It seems that most crypto projects prefer to run them on CMC now instead of doing them independently. 

For sure is that in most cases you won`t receive anything at all. If you get lucky after your 100th participation, you will get some cents. 

Ask yourself if this is worth your precious time.

Another bad joke is the CoinMarketCap Diamond that you can collect each day. You can collect them for free each day and choose from the rewards list to redeem your CoinMarketCap Diamonds. If there is a good reward it is faster sold out than you can even look. The rest of the rewards are pretty worthless. 


For example, I can redeem my diamonds for a new profile avatar on CoinMarketCap.

This is what I have always dreamed of. 🙄


My Final Words

There are a lot of possibilities to waste your time on CoinMarketCap but one thing is for sure: You will certainly not get rich by hunting airdrops or diamonds on CoinMarketCap. The opposite is the case, you will keep yourself poor by wasting your precious time.

At the end of my post, I also like to remind you that my intention in this post is to raise your awareness of the bad conditions on CoinMarketCap and my intention is not to replace your own research. However, this post really reflects my own opinion and nothing is sponsored.

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Carpe diem.

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