How Bitrefill Helps Me To Live Bankless And Spend My Crypto With Privacy And Ease

How Bitrefill Helps Me To Live Bankless And Spend My Crypto With Privacy And Ease

"Be Your Own Bank" is a popular term in Decentralized Finance but it is much easier said than done. If you want to say "Goodbye" to your traditional finance institute, then you need to be able to easily spend your crypto on all kinds of different goods and services. 

Spending your crypto without the need to exchange it to fiat first is one of the biggest obstacles to going bankless. Most vendors are still only excepting fiat or: vouchers. This is exactly where Bitrefill comes into play.


What Is Bitrefill?

Bitrefill is a platform that lets you buy gift cards from thousands of different retailers in many different countries all around the world including big vendors like Amazon, and Ikea. You can buy gift cards using over 6,000 different tokens through Li.Fi. Additionally, you can access Bitrefill's services without opening an account. However, it's advisable to create an account for various reasons. To do so, you only need to provide an email address and you'll receive a receipt, voucher codes (if applicable), and customer service assistance.

In this way, you can go bankless with Bitrefill and start spending your crypto with ease and privacy.


Cashback in Bitcoin

One of the biggest reasons to create a Bitrefill account is the ability to collect cashback in Bitcoin with some purchases. Bitrefill gives cashback for certain shops. The Cashback starts with 1% and with some promotional activities, the cashback can even reach 10%. 

Bitrefill Cashback


$5 Sign Up Bonus

Another good reason to create an account on Bitrefill besides the ability to collect cashback is the signup bonus of $5 in Bitcoin. The requirements to receive the bonus are quite simple.

You need to sign up to Bitrefill using an invitation code (5wfr9a9x). You will receive $5 in Bitcoin after having spent $50 in total. You don't need to spend $50 at once. You can also make smaller purchases and as soon as you have spent at least $50 in total, you will receive the $5 in Bitcoins. 


My Final Conclusion

I have been using Bitrefill for almost four years now and it is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient ways when it comes to spending my hard-earned cryptos on all different kinds of goods and services. 

Of course, I am also interested if you also use Bitrefill or if you know of any similar services. How do you spend your cryptocurrency and where do you like to spend it? 

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