Why I believe That The Future Of Presearch Is Bright 😎 $PRE Is As Solid As $BAT

Why I believe That The Future Of Presearch Is Bright 😎 $PRE Is As Solid As $BAT

When you use Presearch to search the web, you will be rewarded with Presearch tokens (PRE). These PRE tokens can be used to buy services or they can be traded for other cryptocurrencies. In this post, let`s have a closer look at the development of Presearch and let me explain why I believe that the future of Presearch is bright.


What Is Presearch?

Presearch is a blockchain-based search engine powered by the community. Presearch does not track or store any of your information or searches. Unlike some online giants like Google, with Presearch, you control your data, choosing if and when to share it.

You will be rewarded with Presearch tokens (PRE) each time you use Presearch to search the internet.


The Presearch Token (PRE)

The Presearch Token (PRE) is an ERC20 Token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is primarily used to transfer value between the participants of their two-sided marketplace. The advertisers are generating the token demand in the first place.

Over time, Presearch will be leveraging PRE also for the curation of content. There may be a fee or some PRE that you have to stake in order to submit a website to the Presearch index, and then users can upvote or downvote that website by staking their PRE.

Presearch Token`s price today is $0.019 and it is currently located on market cap rank #310. PRE has a circulating supply of 400 Million coins and a max supply of 500 Million coins. 

KuCoin and Probit are the current most active markets trading PRE. You can also use the Presearch Marketplace.

Since PRE is an ERC20 token, it is supported by all cryptocurrency wallets that support ERC20 tokens. I personally recommend Atomic Wallet to store your PRE if you don`t want to use your PRE for Keyword Staking.

Keyword Staking

Keyword Staking is an innovative way of advertising. With Keyword Staking, you can drive traffic to your website, your business or you can simply monetize the free traffic with affiliate programs like the ambassador program from Publish0x. In this way, you are able to earn money with Keyword Staking.

Keyword Staking enables you to stake your PRE tokens against specific words and multi-word terms. The ads on Presearch are working similar to the ads on Google.

You choose a keyword, for example, Bitcoin, and you then stake the PRE tokens that you have purchased or earned against that term. You can then create an ad that you link to the website of your choice. To do this, simply navigate to the Staking Dashboard in your Presearch account.

While your PRE tokens are staked, you continue to own and control your PRE tokens, but you can’t use them to stake against other keywords. You can unlock or unstake them at any time to withdraw them, but then your associated ads will not show anymore.

This means that if you stake PRE tokens against keywords, you can receive traffic while you have them locked up. You can still sell your PRE tokens later once you stop using them for staking.


The Development of Presearch

The idea behind Presearch is awesome. In my opinion, PRE has a real use case exactly like Basic Attention Token (BAT). At the moment, Presearch is one of the top five projects by web traffic in the blockchain space and the platform already has more than 1.5 million registered users which is a huge number.

The question is how many of the registered users are active users? Well, when I look at my referral stats, I would say that at the moment only 30%, which means around 500.000 are active users.

So, you get free PRE for a simple search on Presearch and on google, you get nothing for your search, even worse as you are the one who has to pay with your data. So, why aren`t all 1.5 million registered users using Presearch on a daily basis as they were using google? 

I think it is because the search results are not efficient enough at the moment. More people would use Presearch on a regular basis if the search results become more efficient. I made Presearch my default search engine on my Brave Browser because I want to use Presearch for searching the web. In my post "Brave Browser And Presearch Are A Powerful Combination" I explained how you can combine Presearch and Brave.

Unfortunately, I still have to switch to google from time to time because the search results from Presearch are simply not accurate and effective enough.

So what is Presearch doing right now to improve the search results?

In June 2020, Presearch has started to use the CoinGecko API to improve its search results when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Your usual search is becoming more effective with this simple implementation and at the same time, you can earn some PRE on top. I personally love it to earn some PRE simply for doing my usual cryptocurrency searches. When it comes to cryptocurrencies the search results are awesome!

Luckily, the necessary improvement of the search results is not stopping here. The improvement of the search results is going on on with huge steps.

Recently, the open-source search expert, Trey Grainger, has left his previous role as Chief Algorithms Officer at Lucidworks and joined Presearch as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Grainger will work with the development team to deliver and execute on a new product roadmap.

The project will release its own search nodes and continue to iterate on its keyword staking ad platform, peer-to-peer marketplace, and other innovative technologies.

Grainger says,

“I am excited to work on this next generation of web search, combining my two main fields of interest, search and blockchain. I know there’s a lot of value to be unlocked with these innovative technologies and believe that Presearch will be the ones to realize the potential of the decentralized search engine opportunity.”

There will be a new white paper coming on July 31st that will have more detail on what lays ahead.

The release of Presearch`s own search nodes is actually a really big deal. Presearch`s own search nodes will improve the search results massively. In the end, the Presearch search will become as effective as the Google search. 😎

My Final Conclusion

I already wrote the post "Brave Browser And Presearch Are A Powerful Combination (Get 25 PRE For Free)." Well, Brave Browser and Presearch are indeed a powerful combination. In my mind, both projects are not only a good combination but they are also comparable with each other. Both projects offer a blockchain-friendly alternative to popular Google services.

I believe that PRE, like Basic Attention Token (BAT), is a very solid cryptocurrency. I think that the CoinGecko price comparison proofs my point.

So I am pretty sure that if you like BAT and Brave, you will also like Presearch. The full potential of Presearch hasn`t been reached yet but it will happen soon as the search results will improve. The number of registered and active users will keep on increasing.

I hope I could provide you with some useful information about the development of Presearch.

Don`t forget that you can receive your first 25 PRE for FREE just for signing up via this link.

Thank you guys for reading, liking, following, and tipping 👍

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