My Best And My Worst Crypto Investment Last Year 2021 $DFI $TLM

My Best And My Worst Crypto Investment Last Year

2021 had been an exciting year for cryptocurrency enthusiasts like you and me. It started with an amazing bull run and many new exciting projects to discover. Some of my newly discovered crypto projects from 2021 did very well while others just sucked.

Here are my worst and my best investment decisions that I made last year. I discovered both of them right at the beginning of 2021.


Worst of the Worst: Alien Worlds NFTs 🙁

At the beginning of last year, an NFT game from the WAX blockchain had been massively hyped.  Almost everyone out there talked and wrote about Alien Worlds, how easy it is to get some money out of there by simply mining TLM and NFTs.

Then Binance announced the farming of $TLM on their Launchpool and that there will be a new planet in the game: Planet Binance. 

This was the moment I made my worst investment decision last year and honestly, I should have known better. My mistake was that I literally FOMOed in at a moment when the game was already completely overhyped. FOMO is the feeling that everyone else is having fun and making good amounts of money while you are missing out. FOMO is NEVER a good investment adviser. 

I knew this before but FOMO must have shut out my brain and I told to myself: "Cryptonator, everyone is talking about that shit, now get yourself a WAX wallet and check out this game."

So, I got myself a WAX wallet and loaded it with some $WAX that I bought on KuCoin. I connected my WAX Wallet with Alien Worlds and started mining. I remember that right from the beginning everything there reminded me of a simple faucet, nothing more and nothing less.

All you could do was hit that mining button frequently and mine some $TLM. If you were lucky you were also mining some Alien Worlds NFTs together with the $TLM. The better your tools in form of NFTs are, the higher the amount of $TLM and the higher the chances to mine an NFT.

As I wanted to mine more $TLM and more NFTs, I bought myself some overpriced tools on AtomicHub like this Processing Ring that you can see on the screenshot below.

Alien Worlds NFT

So I bought NFTs like this Processing Ring and from that moment on everything went down the toilet. The amount of $TLM that you could mine had been massively reduced and the number of NFTs that I mined went almost to ZERO! Then there were also connecting errors more frequently and I wasn't able to mint at all, not even the tiny amounts of $TLM.

Quickly, the prices of the Alien Worlds NFTs went down. I can sell my processing ring now that I bought for 1,100 $WAX back in the days for only 74.5 $WAX.

No doubt, the Alien Worlds NFTs had been my worst investment in 2021 by far.

So what did I learn from this? First of all, it is surely possible to earn a lot of Satoshies with NFTs but this is also true: You can lose a lot of Satoshies with NFTs faster than you can look.

Secondly, you know that FOMO is bad but you also have to recognize that it is FOMO that is driving your investment decision. I always knew that FOMOing isn't good but at that particular moment I just didn't realize that I was actually FOMOing myself.

Knowing about FOMO is good but realizing it when it is actually there is better.


Best of the Best: Staking $DFI with CakeDeFi 😃

Well, not everything was as bad as Alien Worlds NFTs last year. I also made some good crypto investment decisions. Luckily I made more good crypto investment decisions than bad ones.

The best investment decision I made last year was actually signing up for CakeDeFi. CakeDeFi is a platform that helps you to put your crypto to work and to generate passive income easily and uncomplicated.

I registered on CakeDeFi's website and I fully verified my account. I made my first deposit of at least $50 and I immediately received a nice bonus of $30 in $DFI in total. Since then, I am receiving a daily cashflow from CakeDeFi. My daily cashflow is about $7 every day from $DFI staking rewards and lending. Last year, I earned rewards with a value of more than $2,400 in total.

CakeDeFi cashflow

CakeDeFi also offers the best sign-up bonus that you can currently find on the market. When you sign up for CakeDeFi, fully verify your account, and deposit at least $50 in any supported cryptocurrency, you will receive a sign-up bonus of $30 in $DFI tokens.

I recommend funding your account with a cryptocurrency that has low transaction fees like DASH or Bitcoin Cash. You can swap them directly on CakeDeFi into $DFI tokens that you can stake at a high APR.

I also recommend depositing at least a little bit more than only $50 as the prices of cryptocurrencies widely fluctuate. If you have bad luck, the price drops at the moment you are making the deposit, and with a deposit of $49,98, you won't match the criteria of a minimum deposit of at least $50. So better be safe and deposit at least a little bit more than $50.

Also make sure that you are using an invitation code (Code: 528168) when you sign up for CakeDeFi because if you don't use an invitation code, you will receive $10 less as a sign-up bonus, only $20 instead of $30.

Please note, that this sign-up bonus is locked up and staked for 180 days. The good news is that the locked-up bonus amount automatically yields staking returns during this time. These staking rewards will be added on top of your $30 sign-up bonus. The staking rewards can be withdrawn immediately while the original sign-up bonus can be withdrawn after the lock-up period has ended.  

The best exchange to trade your $DFI tokens is KuCoin.

CakeDeFi learn & earn $DFI

Another cool thing is that new users can also earn an additional $5 from CakeDeFi's learn and earn by answering some questions about $DFI. I provided you with all the right answers to CakeDeFi's learn and earn program here: CakeDeFi has launched a learn & earn program - Get $5 in DFI tokens - All answers!

So, altogether there are $35 in $DFi tokens plus staking rewards waiting for you.

CakeDeFi surely was my best crypto investment decision in 2021.


My Final Words

I hope I could provide you with some interesting and useful information by telling you about my worst and my best investment decision of the last year, of course for the purpose of your entertainment only and not as financial advice.

I am also interested in the crypto investment decisions that you did last year. What was your best or your worst crypto investment decision last year? 

Thank you guys as always for reading, liking, following, and tipping 👍

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