Landshare - Tokenized Real World Estates to BSC

Landshare Brings Tokenized Real World Estates to BSC

Landshare is a project built on the Binance Smart Chain that brings real-world estate assets to the blockchain. Becoming a landowner has never been so easy.

In fact, anyone can become one. You can actually build up a whole portfolio of real estate on the blockchain, also as a small investor.


What Is Landshare?

Landshare is tokenizing real estate on the Binance Smart Chain. By doing so, real estate becomes a liquid asset that anyone can buy, sell or trade from their own non-custodial wallet.

These tokenized real estates will be managed for you, so unlike the hassles in the real world, you do not have to worry about any kind of maintenance like operations or finding new tenants. it is indeed a hassle-free alternative to traditional real estate investments.

Each of these token's values is directly derived from the asset itself. The net profits collected from the rent will be split among token holders. Each month the collected profit will be sent directly to your wallet in the form of $BUSD.


How exactly does it work?

As a potential investor, you can purchase these asset tokens with $BUSD and $LAND Tokens. Each single Asset Token represents an ownership stake in a real estate asset. It is a special kind of NFT. The ownership of a real estate asset is represented by this specific token.

In the picture below, you can see one of these tokenized real estates.


These asset tokens are considered securities. For this reason, KYC is required in order to purchase them. Additionally, certain geographic restrictions apply.

After you have been KYC approved, you can purchase these asset tokens once the sale for a specific object begins. Asset tokens can be purchased with a combination of 90% $BUSD and 10% $LAND tokens. 

When you own such a tokenized real-world asset, your rental yields will be distributed to your wallet each month in the form of $BUSD. That is all you have to do, which is basically nothing.



The $LAND Token

The Landshare Token with the ticker $LAND is the native utility token of the Landshare platform. This token does not represent the value of real estate assets like the asset token that works like an NFT. Each asset token that represents your ownership of a real-world asset purchase is paid in 10% Landshare Tokens.

If you don't like doing any kind of KYC to purchase an asset token, then you can simply invest in $LAND tokens. You can then go and stake your $LAND tokens directly on Landshare with a lucrative APY.

The Property Vault that you see in the picture is a vault based on $BUSD whose capacity is tied to the current market value of the referenced real estate assets.



In fact, the $LAND token has real utility as it features several elements, such as limited minting, buybacks, presale vesting, token burns, supply cap, governance voting, staking, and charitable fundraising.

The other thing is that the LAND token still has a low market capitalization and it is most likely that the token gets listed on big exchanges, especially on Binance. So the potential for a significant price pump is high.

Currently, the best place to acquire some $LAND is here on ApeSwap.


My Final Words

If you are not one of those degen traders who only invests in meme coins but someone who is also evaluation the use-cases of a project, you will probably also see the potential of Landshare.

Do not get me wrong, you can also make good money with meme coins but from my point of view, this is more speculation than investing. I am pretty sure that $LAND will be tradable on big exchanges like Binance soon and when this happens, the price of the $LAND token will surely benefit from it. It is a real low market cap gem.

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