Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC)

Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) 🚀 A Big Bubble Or Is It The Most Profitable Staking Coin?

Since one of my previous posts TOP 5 Staking Wallets To Grow Your Assets 2020 you already know that Atomic Wallet is my favorite Staking Wallet. Meanwhile, the Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) has become my favorite staking coin. Let me explain why I believe that AWC is currently one of the most profitable staking coins on the market.

AWC Token Metrics

Let`s start with the token metrics first before having a closer look at AWC trading, AWC use-cases, AWC staking, and finally the AWC price development.

The Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) is Atomic Wallet`s native coin with a total supply of 100.000.000 tokens. 50.000.000 tokens are issued as ERC20 and another 50.000.000 tokens are issued as BEP2.

You can easily swap your ERC20-AWC tokens to BEP2-AWC tokens and back with ChangeNOW, one of Atomic Wallet`s exchange partners.

90.000.000 tokens are currently locked for at least three years. Only 7.000.000 tokens are actually in circulation supply!

3.000.000 tokens are locked in staking. Furthermore, about 2.000.000 tokens are lost in the early bounty and airdrop campaigns as these tokens are not moving for years.

Atomic Wallet Coin still is a quite exotic coin, but nevertheless AWC has made an enormous jump from market cap rank # 6235 to market cap rank #368 within the last six weeks!

Atomic Wallet

Buy And Sell AWC

It is not possible to buy AWC by using the implemented exchange. Instead, you have the possibility to buy AWC with Binance Coin (BNB) when you go to the settings tab in your Atomic Wallet. This is probably the easiest way to purchase AWC and it works on the desktop version as well as on the mobile version. This service will place an order directly on Binance DEX with the market price.


Currently, you can buy and sell your AWC on four different exchanges.

Binance DEX is the current most active market trading AWC. You can also trade it on Hoo exchange, mxc, and idex.

AWC Use-Cases

The AWC use-cases are giving several benefits to Atomic Wallet users.

Membership And Cashback

The Atomic Wallet Membership program is based on AWC. All customers holding AWC-BEP2 receive rewards for using a built-in exchange service. The amount of cashback depends on membership status.

The minimum requirement is currently 300 AWC. The cashback rewards will be distributed on a monthly basis and shown automatically on your AWC balance.

Airdrop And Invite Friends

AWC is also used for bounties and airdrops for new sign-ups and invited friends. While you can still receive a 5 AWC bonus for the first time using the exchange, the airdrop is currently suspended due to massive abusing. 

Atomic Wallet is planning to reopen the program once the verification system for legit users is improved.


The most popular and the most important use-case of AWC is probably staking. 😎

We can also expect that there are many other use-cases to come.

Atomic Wallet

AWC Staking

 The biggest news was probably the introduction of AWC staking in early June 2020.

Since then, you can stake your BEP2-AWC tokens directly in Atomic Wallet and earn up to in amazing 23% in staking rewards.

The current minimum amount for staking is 10 AWC. Your yearly profit depends on the amount of AWC that you are staking.

1. 10 - 999 AWC = 17% yearly
2. 1000 - 10,000 AWC = 20% yearly
3. Over 10,000 AWC = 23% yearly

When you compare the AWC staking rewards with the other stakable coins in Atomic Wallet, you will quickly recognize that AWC offers the highest staking rewards. Another big benefit of staking AWC is that you can unfreeze your AWC at any time, which means there is no unbound period and you can move them any time you want. 

AWC Price Development 

The price development of the Atomic Wallet Coin is simply incredible. You won`t see such a nice looking chart that often.

Last week, AWC hit the magical one dollar mark and seems to stabilize above that magical mark of one dollar as most of the coins get immediately locked in staking.

AWC`s price was $0.20 on the 1st of June. Today, about six weeks later, one AWC is worth $1.15! 🚀

The extreme pump of AWC began with the introduction of staking about six weeks ago and since then the price moved continuously upwards.

I believe that AWC still has some potential to unlock in the upcoming months. 

Atomic Wallet already had 500.000 downloads, mobile and desktop. Around 200.000 users are monthly active users. Atomic Wallet is one of the best, if not the best staking wallet on the market and as more people will use cryptocurrencies, more people will also use Atomic Wallet to manage their crypto. As Atomic Wallet is growing fast, also the Atomic Wallet Coin will be in greater demand while the circulating supply is extremely low.

More important than that are probably the new upcoming use-cases for AWC. For example, we can expect a governance component like voting for asset listings and even an Atomic Wallet card in autumn this year. The Atomic Wallet card will contain a further important use-case for AWC.

Final Conclusion

The rise of AWC is based on substantial growth and it is far away from being a bubble. AWC is a very profitable staking coin and I believe that we can expect even more in the future with a growing userbase and more AWC use cases. The demand for AWC will grow while its supply in circulation is low. 

I hope that I could provide you with some valuable information about the Atomic Wallet Coin.

Finally, thank you guys for reading, liking, following, and tipping 👍

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