Three Easy Ways to Earn Orchid OXT
Orchid OXT

Three Easy Ways to Earn Orchid OXT

Are you tired of internet companies misusing your data? I am definitely tired of these companies. Orchid's goal is to better protect your data and is offering a solution to protect your data. Let me explain what Orchid is and how to use it. Additionally, I am showing you three different ways to earn free Orchid.

What is Orchid?

Each of us is active on the Internet. Many are even online for hours every day. We leave a lot of data behind while we're on the global network. Data that help companies like Facebook and Google and many others make big profits.

Even states can use our data or misuse it. There is also the danger that evil criminals will do something nonsensical with our data on the Internet.

This is why Orchid (OXT) is there. It is a peer-to-peer tool for data protection. It includes a VPN and other features that help you to protect your data and better control your internet connection.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your internet activities in such a way that the connection to you as a person is dropped. Your personal data protection is so much better guaranteed. 

In contrast to conventional VPNs, Orchid is decentralized. This has the big advantage that you as a user do not have to trust a single VPN. Because even among the VPN providers, there may be some who resell your data.

Orchid is based on Ethereum and provides its own cryptocurrency called OXT. This means you can even make payments without having to reveal sensitive information such as credit card details online.

How To Use Orchid?

To use Orchid, you should first purchase some OXT. You send the purchased OXT to a Web3 crypto wallet. In addition, you send some ether to the wallet to pay the Ethereum transaction costs.

In the next step, you connect your Orchid account to the wallet and follow the instructions. Since it is based on Web3, you do not need to enter a user name or password. Instead, you generate a key in the app and store it in your wallet. This is how you link your account to the wallet.

If you now want to use Orchid, just click on the icon. If you don't like the connection, click again. You already get another provider with different bandwidth. You only pay for the bandwidth actually used. There are no monthly costs or anything.

Three Easy Ways To Earn OXT

At the moment, there are three different ways to earn free OXT.

Coinbase Earn

Most of you probably know that you can earn up to $52 in OXT on Coinbase Earn. Your Coinbase account is also your account for Coinbase Earn. Now you are able to join the waiting list of the different cryptocurrencies and wait until you receive confirmation from Coinbase Earn that you can start earning. It usually takes about one day until you get invited to earn some cryptocurrency via email. 

CoinmarketCap Earn

At the moment, you still have the chance to earn 20 $OXT on CoinmarketCap Earn. First of all, you need to have an account at CoinmarketCap.

You also need to have a verified account at Binance exchange because this is where your rewards will be distributed after the campaign has ended.

After setting up both accounts, you can go to this page, watch the 4 videos and solve the quiz. You need to answer all questions correctly otherwise, you will receive nothing. That`s why I provide to with the correct answers for this one. 

What Is the Total Supply? OXT

What is NOT a weakness of traditional VPNs?
They cannot be used on public Wifi

Why was Orchid created?
To build on the strength of VPNs and address their shortcomings.

What is OXT?
The Orchid digital asset used to enable its privacy marketplace.

What is OXT’s role on Orchid?
It helps ensure ample bandwidth and strengthen privacy.

What are Orchid credits?
Accounts pre-filled with OXT that can be purchased with nothing more than an ordinary credit card.

Name one feature that allows Orchid to keep data more private than traditional VPN services.
Multiple hops between VPN providers.

How many hops can be configured on Orchid?
As many as a user wants.

CoinList Exchange

Finally, CoinList lets you earn $5 in OXT. Simply signup for an account in CoinList exchange, add your wallet and complete your KYC to join this event. Now you can click on Learn about Orchid. The tasks are really simple and you have multiple attempts. Please note that some countries are restricted, so check in your dashboard for participation.

earn Orchid

Final Words

I hope that I could provide you with some useful and valuable information about Orchid OXT. If you know a fourth way to earn some OXT, please let us know and leave a comment.

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