I Have Just Received My $200 Welcome Bonus From CoinSmart 🥳

I Have Just Received My $200 Welcome Bonus From CoinSmart 🥳

Anyone who has joined the waitlist for Coinsmart after reading my post "I stumbled upon CoinSmart, A Canadian Exchange Coming To Europe" can now sign up for Coinsmart to claim their bonus from the waitlist.

Anyone who has signed up for the waitlist and has referred at least three friends to the waitlist can now sign up for CoinSmart to claim their bonus.

I managed to refer more than ten new users to the waitlist I received the maximum welcome bonus of $200 in Bitcoin.


In order to receive your bonus from the waitlist, you need to sign up for CoinSmart and verify your account. At least one of your referrals from the waitlist also needs to sign up and do the verification. Depending on how many users you´ve managed to refer to the waitlist, the according bonus of up to $200 will be credited to your account in Bitcoin. make sure that you use the same email address for signing up that you have used to join the waitlist.


About Coinsmart

Coinsmart is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Toronto, Canada. It was founded by Justin Hartzman and Jeremy Koven. They believed from their experience that cryptocurrency exchanges were quite complicated and not well suited to those new to cryptocurrency trading. That`s why they began with developing a user-friendly exchange.


So far, I am experiencing CoinSmart as really user-friendly and easy to use. Because there aren´t many different cryptocurrencies tradable on CoinSmart, I would recommend this exchange expecially to beginners who just want to acquire some Bitcoin or Ethereum in a simple and easy way.


Invite Friends

In case to have missed joining the waitlist, you can still profit from CoinSmart´s invite friends program. You and your friend can both earn $15 in Bitcoin by using a referral link. The bonus will be credited to your and your friend's account once your friend has verified their account and made a deposit of at least $100 CAD. Deposits can also be made in EUR or USD.

The $15 credit will be added within 5 business days after the funding minimum has been met. Please note, that only fiat deposits are counting to met the minimum deposit.



My Final Words

Don´t be sad if you missed joining the waitlist, the next good deal is just around the corner. Just make sure that you don´t miss these opportunities in the future and follow me on my blogs on Publish0x. 

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