Binance Launches A Learn & Earn Program!

Binance Launches A Learn & Earn Program!

One of my favorite hobbies is learning about cryptocurrencies. I also love earning crypto, so learning and earning crypto is like a match made in haven. If you also like learning and earning crypto then here comes big news for you.

Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, has just launched its own learn and earn program similar to Coinbase Earn, the mother of all learn and earn programs.


Binance Learn & Earn


You can find the learn and earn program from Binance here at the Binance Academy. Here in this section, you may have a chance to earn crypto rewards after completing some educational tasks, including reading articles, watching video clips, and passing quizzes.

The first lection is called "Welcome to Crypto" and lets you earn some $BUSD. This first guide introduces you to a few critical concepts you need to know and probably already know if you are not new to crypto.

I can also see learn and earn lections for WOO Network, Terra LUNA, Polkastarter, and ANKR.


Binance Learn and Earn  

Rewards will be distributed in two hours to qualified learners who pass the quiz. The rewards are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


My Final Words

Please keep in mind that this is hot news. I tried Binance learn and earn by myself and haven't earned anything (yet). So I do not give you any guarantees, I am only bringing you the news. I have literally just read the news and the program has just launched a few hours ago.

That's why I recommend that you stay tuned for new projects and opportunities to earn more crypto on Binance Learn & Earn, as Binance will be updating the platform from time to time. Also, keep in mind that the opportunities to earn are limited while token supplies last!

If you are for some crazy reason not registered on Binance yet, you can use my referral link with the invitation code E3PGAJCE for signing up. When you use it, it will save you trading fees each time you perform a trade on Binance. Don't forget about this possibility when you introduce a friend to cryptocurrency as it will save both of you some money. 

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