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By itsmejerome | Cryptonation | 2 Sep 2020

Hello guys!

Nice to see you reading my first post ever on this website. All in all I am grateful that I am able to put out something like this.

                This first post is going to be about a very interesting exchange I had in the back of my mind for a while… and yeah, it`s Morpher. It just got out of beta few days ago and it presents really exciting offer for us traders. Morpher combines classic stock trading with crypto.. a huge combination that should satisfy both crypto traders and also oldschool stock traders.

Welcome to 2020

They started in 2018 with the idea of making trading easier for us ( both stock and crypto).. and here they are in 2020 getting out of beta. The idea is simple , the exchange is based on it`s currency : morpher token, which is going to be listed soon on other exchanges ( the team said the starting price will be around 0.03-0.04 $ ).

 The withdraw/deposit option is not available yet due to the waiting of exchange listing of morpher coin… basically all the money you would deposit in the platform will be exchanged to morpher coin depending the value, and all the transactions are done with this token. The first exchange they said it s going to be Uniswap. 

Quoting them:

~An important step is providing real pricing and liquidity to MPH i.e. making it possible for you to buy and sell tokens. MPH is being listed on Uniswap, personally backed by us with Ethereum. No exact date to announce yet, it’s happening this quarter and as early as this month. ~ Morpher blog


The motto that guides this company is ~Trade 24/7 crypto, stocks, forex~ , yeah you heard it, you can also trade forex, gold and silver. There aren` t any fees for trading ( tho I saw there is a high spreading when I trade stocks, pay attention to that) and the liquidity is infinite. You are given the ability to buy/short stocks or whatever you`d like also on the weekends. I found the trading experience quite enjoyable, the orders are executed quickly and you can always get out as fast.


The trading app

This app is quite simple to use and intuitive, you won`t have to face many issues with it.

You can always switch from your market watching to trading. There you will be able to see the stock chart and you can browse trough it`s ups and downs by day, weeks, months and yearly.

2You can always trade with leverage up to 10x your coins.


The team

teamThe project was started in 2018 in Wien.


The project which now is reality is backed up by some huge names such as Draper Associates, Apex Adventures.


Airdrop & refferal program

They even have a crypto aidrop going on , if you want to start using the platform you`ll be rewarded with 500 tokens, after that you can use their affiliate program to invite others and make free 250 morpher tokens per user. Of course making an account is kyc related so pay attention to that. aidropsignup

At the end of the article i`m going to leave a refferal link for the ones that want to sign up using my link( appreciated) .

Morpher white paper can be find here: Morpher whitepaper

Final thoughts

My honest oppinion regarding this exchange is a positive one , due to the fact that it incorporates all the necesities of the modern trader, yet it doesn`t have all the stocks and all the functions active, it is still in the working and i see a bright future for it. The team is young, trustable and always interacts with us , traders, on their blog, or if you have a problem you can always use support chat . As it is at the begining i would expect the MPH token to grow , so why not enjoy this free airdrop and take some for yourself.



I hope you enjoyed my first article, thank you for your time ! Until next time have a great day .

If you want to sign up using my refferal link:

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