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By CryptoMoney | cryptomoney | 22 Apr 2021


The community is changing, the world is attracting and popularizing cryptocurrencies, because this area is based on blockchain technology, where everything is transparent, as fair and safe as possible. Cryptocurrencies quickly gained the position of the world community — quotes are steadily growing, which causes growing user interest. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, the creation and management of which is based on cryptographic methods of information processing and is an alternative to paper money. Everything is transparent here, projects are based on blockchain technology — a distributed database that performs instant transfers, you do not need to wait for transactions to be confirmed, since there are no extra costs in the case of banking operations, and this technology protects against fraud. The decentralized region has great potential for development in almost all sectors of the economy. Decentralization is a key feature of the blockchain application. During this time, many projects have appeared, many of which have tried to make and have made positive changes in the community and in the world as a whole. But the main part turned out to be scammers, after which stricter regulation of the sale of tokens was introduced. Despite all this, the cryptocurrency is alive and well, and it will undoubtedly have a better future. I carefully study projects, do analysis and write reviews about projects in which I see the future. My articles are not a call to purchase, you draw conclusions yourself, and I evaluate the project from the height of my “flight”! So WhitePigeon https://whitepigeon.network/ creates a secure and scalable platform for consumers and merchants. It is a proprietary blockchain that will have a tokenized payment method currently required by consumers as a means of purchasing goods from sellers. The WhitePigeon team strongly believes that for cryptocurrency to become more than just a speculative asset, it must be used by more users and merchants.


The revolutionary blockchain is designed to provide added value when using cryptocurrency in the real world. White Pigeon helps large financial institutions optimize market infrastructure and better serve wholesale and retail customers. White Pigeon is a global utility blockchain, a secure, smart and easy-to-use platform that will revolutionize the way consumers and merchants buy and sell goods. White Pigeon will tokenize the payment method currently required by consumers as a means of purchasing goods from sellers. Tokenization is the digitized display of an asset as tokens on a blockchain. The rights and obligations associated with this value, such as ownership of the value, are always displayed in the token. Tokenization allows digital trading of values ​​through the blockchain. Leading members will also have access to a Jet Black Crypto card that can be used to download their WhitePigeon tokens and pay for goods at point of sale. WhitePigeon tokens can be converted to other cryptocurrencies using the liquidity pool provided by the WhitePigeon network.


Today there are problems with the speed and confirmation of transactions, price volatility, transaction costs, as well as problems with operational transparency and verifiability. It is White Pigeon that offers a solution to these problems, in which transactions will be almost instantaneous. The platform will take care of price volatility and provide enough nodes to run the network without congestion while reducing transaction fees. The project team will provide solutions for P2P transactions on the blockchain, instantly, securely and without downtime. Since blockchain technology is quite new compared to regular banking channels, there is tremendous room for growth as a provider of P2P transaction solutions. The initial customer base will be within the community itself, whose members will test the WP Switch app, when launched, the referral option will begin to scale, which will significantly increase the customer base. The WP Switch app will launch as MVP (Minimum Viable Product), customers will be able to store, send and receive their assets. An embedded MarketPlace will also be added, which will help users to buy products. Users will be able to generate a referral code only after they complete a certain set of tasks, this makes it possible to personally feel like a participant and reduces the number of non-organic users.


Tokenomics of the project





Distribution of funds for the next 4 years




Today, the team is working according to the planned project development timeline, outlined after careful analysis of the results, and will continue to work in accordance.



The project team wants people to start using cryptocurrencies in their daily lives and accept them as paper money. The team interacts with the community and creates an ecosystem in which plans can be drafted and implemented to perfection. Verified members of the blockchain team are working to create a platform capable of delivering any critical project.


White Pigeon will fix the current dysfunctional cryptocurrency system, where they are nothing more than a speculative asset. Extensive research, market analysis and the right approach to adapting sellers are carried out!

Website https://whitepigeon.network/

ETH Address: 0x4d083561Eb2d741C1AefAeD20a4B54E2Ef5AC4b0


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