Weekly Flits Update. StakeCube launches BTC mining for SCC

Weekly Flits Update - Week 17/2020


Welcome to our weekly update! In this update we have some great news that we would like to share, so check it out below.


Summary of this week:

  • New offers
  • Flits home MNO
  • AEX update
  • 2000 MN
  • beta


New offers

This week we've added Kalkulus and Scriv to the Flits app .


Both projects were presented to them by attentive users in the community. Share the projects you want to add to Flits with them.

Flits home MNO

Great news for Flits , due to the increase in MNO volume statistics, Flits is now on the first page of Masternodes Online ! This means that Flits occupies a more significant place and can be more easily noticed by new users and potential investors.

Flits is now on the first page of Masternodes Online!

AEX update

The reason why the Flits volume has been increasing for a week is because one of our community members and the first investors have successfully made an effort to sell Flits on the AEX exchange again. This is another great example of a dedicated community and wonderful people who are behind this project!


2000 MN

We are pleased to announce that Flits has officially passed 2000 hosted nodes in the application! They are very happy and grateful for our faith in them and for choosing Flits as the best passive solution. This trust is the reason why they constantly create and develop new innovative solutions to ensure passive income thanks to MN cryptocurrencies available and the easiest for everyone to run!



We are announcing the first beta test of the new Flist 4.0 application! They intend to start it on Wednesday, 29  th  April. All people who registered received an email with information about the start of the Beta test and have the opportunity to check the new version 4.0 of the application.

The first round will end a week later and then the Flits team will review and process community feedback. After the feedback is processed, a second round of testing will take place, and then the new application will be as good as it is completed.

We are very pleased with the first impressions and functionality of the new application and we hope that Flits users are as excited as we are.

new flits app

We look forward to your reaction and impressions after launching the new application and feedback!



We are pleased to introduce the new SCC application : MineCube

As many of you already know, they have partnered with their partner MeaTec ( https://meatec.io/ ) to start mining PoW. MeaTec is a full service provider and mining equipment host. Their product range is already one of their largest sources of income from interest functions. MineCube is another feature they developed together with MeaTec.

Users can now buy BTC mining capacity using SCC directly on StakeCube .

Go to the main menu (button 4) to open the MineCube application.

MineCube 1


You can increase your hashrate in 100 GigaHash steps, the price depends on the SCC / USD ratio. We start with 136,000 GH (136 TH) available (with 2 employees from MeaTec support).

MineCube 2

StakeCube retains 5% of the extracted BTC as a fee, payment is made daily to the SC balance. Mining yields can be tracked in the explorer at the address provided.

We look forward to expanding our business in the future and will be happy to answer any questions or problems through our support system. Bitcoin mining is now cheaper, easier and more reliable than ever before!


Other informations



In addition to stacking and masternodes, MyCointainer allows you to buy large cryptographic resources using exchange offers.

In addition to stacking and masternodes, MyCointainer allows you to buy large cryptographic resources using exchange offers

You will receive the best offers from over 10 exchanges.

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