Up to 3x Horizen tap bonus! Earnings stacking option!

The Horizen team is happy to announce "Sweet HODL! Bonus ", a new tap feature that rewards the global community for participating in the ZEN ecosystem.


With Sweet HODL! Bonus (HODL for short!), You can earn rewards for placing just 0.025 ZEN! They have rewards for all stakeholders, even those who want to bet up to 10 ZEN.

HODL idea! , it began when several members of the community suggested that Horizen would involve all stakeholders more than just those who could afford 42 ZEN (Secure Node) or 500 ZEN (Super Node) .


Sweet HODL!  ZEN bonus


You can pick up Sweet HODL! Bonus by following these steps:


STEP 1: Verify your wallet address

You must verify your address to receive Sweet HODL! Bonus. Address verification takes about a minute. Go to https://getzen.cash/user/profile and click "Verify". Follow the instructions and you will be verified immediately.

Verify your Horizen Faucet wallet address

STEP 2: Add ZEN to your address

Once your ZEN is at the verified address for 24 hours, your bonus will be automatically activated. You don't have to do any work! If you don't have ZEN, go back to the tap to earn more.

If the balance is transferred from one address to another, the 24-hour counter will be reset to receive the bonus. The bonus will not be available to the account until the balance for each multiplier has remained at one address for at least 24 hours, and will remain entitled to any applicable multiplier if you maintain the balance.


STEP 3: Enjoy additional rewards!

Enjoy additional Horizen Faucet rewards

Sweet HODL! The bonus is just one way to increase your earnings with a Horizen tap . You can also recommend friends, authenticate yourself on social media, come back every day and use the Brave browser to earn ZEN faster. Check the 'Extra Rewards' tab on the tap page to see how you can increase your earnings!



Receive your HODL! Bonus now


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