What you should keep in mind in the upcoming Safepal Token Airdrop

By Occultist Owl | CryptoMindest | 28 Jan 2021

First of all even if it was a financial advice it is for some coins that were airdroped to you.

So be chilled reader, You are only going to gain from all this. 


With that out of the way i'm going to give you a prespective on why you should think twice before you immediately sell what was given to you from the airdrop.

Safepal Token airdrop is not the first nor the last one is going to happen. Safepal is a project of binance labs, for that reason it is something to look forward how will it progress. Safepal has a software wallet where you can swap, hold, Dapps etc. They have even three physical products they launched, pretty serious i'd say. 

So, this airdrop will give the persons that enrolled into the challenges Safepal Tokes, depending on the shares that they have received from completing those. There will be 5.5Million tokens distributed in this second airdrop from them. Now lets get in some technical details related to other airdrops from uniswap,1inch,sushiswap.

Uniswap GraphicUniswap all time high : $15.50 / all time low : $ 0.4190
1inch Graphic1 INCH  all time high: $3.31 / all time low : $0.7612

Sushiswap GraphicSushiswap all time high: $11.93 / all time low : $0.4737 

I did not put the corresponding value of each coin low/high with BTC and ETH because we are talking about coins that were airdropped to you not bought ones.
Take a careful look of those 3 charts and tell me what do you see? or where do you find yourself in those charts and where did you sell your free tokens?

clearly we all dont want to be the ones that sell in the dip. All three graphs have a bullish trend. Keep that in mind.
Now lets get back at Safepal Token:
Supply is limited.
There Will be staking( which makes you earn % in interest)
Governance Token where you will be part of that ecosystem and have a vote in the progress and matter.

Make your own research, calculation etc. But keep in mind that is not a dead project and has utility.

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