Personal journey into staking and restaking Brokkr token for 1 year.

By Occultist Owl | CryptoMindest | 11 Dec 2022

Hello readers,

First thing you need to know what is Brokkr protocol so you can understand a bit more part of this journey of mine and you can do that here.

I firstly invested 10$ into BRO token which at the time of the start was equal of 2155 $BRO, and 0.25 $AVAX for the network fee of staking/restaking which was 3.1$ at that time. Total 13.1$ into crypto, hell yeah!

My objective is to keep track each 3-4days of the most important stats related to Brokkr finance and my very very very modest investment.
This personal financial experiment will aim to keep the information of my journey visible to all my readers with engraved visual post into the consistency of this. It will be posted in twitter, publish0x via words and in youtube via videos ( I always wanted to learn video editing, said that probably the first few videos will be sort of abomination aiming toward to being lesser until hopefully they can be defined decent :p ).
My first target is to achieve a full year from the day i started (28-11-2022) to fully document the growth of this project from the eyes of a user.
My videos will aim to be more creative as i get more the hand of editing  ^_^

Below i will put the links of my videos until now and of twitter. I would really appreciate any kind of support as i'm new into all this.
An opinion, a suggestion, a like, a dislike, a comment, etc everything would be helpful to me.

If you made it reading until now, i'm very glad and thankful (:

My twitter:

Youtube Videos from the start until now:


Ps: They are very basic for now but they have a Easter egg that has a purpose for later on :D

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Occultist Owl
Occultist Owl

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This blog will be particularly my point of view and analysis around cryptocurrencies world, even blockchain technology appliances that i come across in my journey. I'm a believer that the next generation in finances and assets should be transparent to the public, otherwise government and authorities trust is lost from us, the people.

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