Brokkr investment protocol Overview.

By Occultist Owl | CryptoMindest | 10 Dec 2022

Brokkr as its mentioned in their documents is an investment protocol that automates strategies that haven been present for a very long time in online trading. 

Trading strategies like delta neutral or other(that are well known for people who trade) are the main strong point of this protocol.
Strategies vary depending on the risk associated to their mechanism, meaning that usually the higher yeilds one tend to have a higher risk of defaulting or losing a percentage of the investment and its fully automated.

Brokkr is composed by two big sections if we want to keep it simple:

  - In which you stake/unstake, bonding, floor price etc


 - Strategies are the automated DeFi investments in other cryptocurrencies/protocols. 

 - Portfolios in the other hand are multiple strategies diversified depending on the user desires. 


Brokkr tokens are BRO & bBRO:

  • BRO is the native token that eventually will be backed by a few revenue steams of the protocol
  • bBRO is a non transferable token that is acquired only through staking BRO will be used in a few functions of the Brotocol that operated only with both of the coins.


Brokkr firstly was build in the Terra network, due to the Terra crash they migrated they protocol and built it in Avalanche network which regained the trust of the investors.


Thank you for reading (:

Below i will link their official channels 





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