Neo Tokyo Launchpad oracle project airdrop whitelist!!!

By Occultist Owl | CryptoMindest | 23 Jan 2023

Airdrop is an exciting way to earn rewards in the form of digital tokens without having to invest any money.

The Supra Oracle whitelist program is one such example of a reward system and to get more decentralization into their blockchain. 

This is one hell of a big project and they are live on over 33 chains, have signed over 300+ A-tier partners to use their oracles and are legitimately shaping up to be a Chainlink competitor. (People with the right network)

Below there is my referal link where we can both earn if you sigh up with it (We both earn #Supra token and stars)

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Occultist Owl
Occultist Owl

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This blog will be particularly my point of view and analysis around cryptocurrencies world, even blockchain technology appliances that i come across in my journey. I'm a believer that the next generation in finances and assets should be transparent to the public, otherwise government and authorities trust is lost from us, the people.

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