From Wednesday's events on 14/04/2021

By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 15 Apr 2021

From Wednesday's events on 14/04/2021


✅ DOGE grows by 80% per day

✅ The ECB publishes the results of the consultation on the digital euro

✅ The largest bank in South Korea. joins Hedera's Governing Board

✅ Dubai to introduce Blockchain-based corporate KYC

✅ Record price of Bitcoin? everything is to blame for inflation!d3bef241bed05023f312a4117badbc15bef9c6f6f8c886d7864f217a011a9885.png

The current situation on the stock exchanges:

Stock exchanges show a continuation of the upward trend after 24 hours.

Bitcoin increased its value by 0.6%

Ethereum by 5.2%

Binance Coin by 0.5%

XRP by 0.4%



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