From Sunday's events on 21/02/2021

By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 22 Mar 2021

From Sunday's events on 21/03/2021


✅ Morgan Stanley negotiates the purchase of shares in Bithumb

✅ Thailand: Central Bank bans Baht-linked stablecoin

✅ Nigeria: The Central Bank does not ban its citizens from crypto trading

✅ Swedish banks advise their clients not to use cryptocurrencies3fc84a4c6ac22ccf82ebdeee5a715be31d95717ded709f41ee7949c834e415fc.jpg

The current situation on the stock exchanges:

Today's day is the dominance of red on stock exchanges. the correction is recorded by:

Bitcoin by -4.13%

Ethereum by -3.87%

Binance Coin by -2.69%

Cardano by -4.44%

Polkadot by -5.69%

Litecoin by -4.34%

Chainlink by -5.61% a

Bitcoin Cash by -4.32%

XRP goes up by 2.05%



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