From Sunday's events 17.01.2021

By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 18 Jan 2021

From Sunday's events 17.01.2021


✅ Co-founder Decred explains the possible consequences of the CBDC acquisition

✅ JPMorgan Chase is considering the regulation of stablecoins

✅ CIO Guggenheim: $ 400,000 BTC still valid

✅ Grayscale | The results for the fourth quarter beats all the data so fard27b6dd6ce401670f9259db673e1b70e3a9e811a4d2bd2cc690772afc15e9f30.jpeg

The current situation on the stock exchanges.

The day on the stock markets ends with a predominance of red. Among the leading cryptocurrencies.

Cardano recorded an increase - by 9.1%.

Bitcoin fell by 4%

Ethereum by 3.1%

Polkadot by 1.3%

XRP by 3.3%

Litecoin by 4%.


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