From Friday's events on 02/26/2021

By Mrjeff | Cryptomillionaire | 26 Feb 2021

From Friday's events on 02/26/2021


✅ Rumors: The SEC will investigate Musk's tweets about Dogecoin

✅ Belarus is investigating the possibility of switching to crypto mining

✅ Crypto leaders support MIT's initiative to strengthen the security of the BTC network

✅ Australia: More Crypto Investments Than Precious Metals

✅ Dubai fund will sell USD 750 million worth of BTC to buy Cardano and Polkadotb3424a998530300e7de53f862c8750011ba759b19a80421dd54bf99775d38351.jpg

The current situation on the stock exchanges:

Today we are experiencing declines among almost all the most popular cryptos. The correction is recorded by

Bitcoin by -6.37%

Ethereum by -5.48%

Polkadot by -4.62%

XRP by -5.71%

Litecoin by -10.68%

Chainlink by 5.42%

Bitcoin Cash by -7.50% 

Stellar by -6.17%

Cardano goes up by 4.32%.



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