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The rise of Algorand: 4 reasons that explain its sudden rise

By Goodcrypto | CryptoMeditations | 11 Sep 2021

Algorand is going up during this month of September: its price per token has skyrocketed an incredible 90%. For what I see, this sudden rise is supported both by fundamentals and technical reasons. Let me give you some keys to the rise in $ALGO:

  • The market capitalization was wrongly calculated by the fact of erroneously considering "not supplied" 20% of the tokens. After this announcement, the metric shows all the tokens not held by the Algorand Foundation. Automatically, the market cap rose to top 20, atracting more investments.

  • El Salvador announces that Algorand is the selected blockchain to work with at a country level in order to dinamize economy and make it accesible through technology.

  • The 50-day MA (moving average) price crossed the 200-day MA, revealing a bullish run in the short term. This signal is used by traders (and bots) to take long positions on an asset.

  • The governance of Algorand begins October 1, initiating an encouraging decentralization process unknown in most blockchains. It is interesting also for the rewards associated to the program.

The result: the token is now in the top 20 projects by market cap and the interest on it is still growing.

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