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Algorand, the chain with the most DeFi room to grow

By Goodcrypto | CryptoMeditations | 18 Sep 2021

According to Defillama, the Algorand blockchain has the following numbers:

  • Market capitalisation: $10.5b
  • Total value locked: $68m
  • Wich give us a ratio of MC/TVL = 153x.

To put this numbers on context, this ratio is 3x in Ethereum and 13x in Tron, which gives us an idea of the magnitude of space you have to grow in the next few weeks or months. Given that Yieldly is the only space for the moment in the Algorand's DeFi space, I guess it will be growing in a sustained way while the dev team is adding new functionalities, pairs and so on. Only Bitcoin has more room based on this ratio to grow, but this chain has not been built for DeFi in the way Algorand is. 

This token has at the moment of writing this lines a value of $0.018, but if the TVL gets similar to the ratio of TRON we'll get a value of $0.212, wich give us a 10-12x revalorisation based on fundamentals.

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