Free XRP on automation from your PC/Laptop

By Badbot666 | Cryptomation & Tricks | 16 Aug 2021

Hello my fellow friends, foes and readers. I am dedicating the following blog entirely on the tricks and tools I’ve found to freely earn CRYPTO on automation (Cryptomation) from your Laptop or PC at home.


I will start with XRP in particular stretching the topic in details the next 2-3 posts writing everything step by step. It might sound like a hard and long setup… It’s NOT.

Actually it can be completely up and running in 30 min time with all the registrations and explanations.

Follow the given steps firmly to avoid delays and make your first 3-5 XRP within 2 days and so on and on for as long as YOU wish! All you need is a PC or Laptop, Network access (Internet) and electricity to keep you plugged.😅

Also if you like my Ideas and content be very welcome to follow my blog-space and share with your nearest and dearest.


Regards, badbot666

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Cryptomation & Tricks
Cryptomation & Tricks

The following articles and topics are based on Tricks, tools and systems I use to earn free crypto on automation.

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